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5 Ways You Annoy Me in Social Networks

Today I log into Facebook and I am instantly hit with a stack of notifications. I scroll down and find the usual.

  • My sister’s birthday is today. I comment with a happy birthday and an elderly joke.
  • I see new comments on items I commented on, or items I liked.
  • I see people have shared some of my photos from my timeline.
  • Then I notice that TWO people tagged me in their photos.

Photo tagging has to be one of the worst Facebook features ever. I mean…it’s nice when you get tagged in a photo after you went to a party or some other event, but to get tagged in some stupid inspiration photo or an obvious advertisement just makes my blood boil. I instantly head towards the “remove tag” feature and I make sure to select the “REPORT SPAM” item at the same time. I do this in the hopes that the persons account will get restricted. It’s my way of revenge. People are always trying to take advantage of my name…my celebrity if you will. They want to get their crap on my wall in the hopes that they will get some traffic from it.

Social media is a great way to get traffic and a loyal following. You know where I stand if you have read this blog at all. It’s got a good function, but it also has an appropriate way to be used. There is a right way in social media marketing, and there is a wrong way. Unfortunately, most people use the wrong way. Let me break it down for you…

  • Tagging – This is problem in Facebook, but it’s also a problem in other social networks as well. People get annoyed by being tagged in some stupid photos that have nothing to do with them. The only reason you tagged me was to get me to comment on your stupid photo or post. Guess what kind of comment I will be leaving… Save yourself the headache.
  • Suggestions – This is a problem I have with StumbleUpon. I log in and instantly get slapped in the face with article suggestions by other members that I can care less about. Sure I took an interest in marijuana legalization, but it doesn’t mean that I want to see every single article you write about it.
  • Private Spam – Thanks for sending me a private message with your spam. It’s nice of you to make sure other people didn’t see your blatant advertisement. Now do me a favor…kiss my ass. Probably the worst thing Facebook can do to throw salt in the wound is to leave out a bulk delete feature. You can check everything and “archive” but not delete. Are they stupid? To be fair, Twitter does the same thing. I do not see how it makes sense to leave out a bulk message delete feature. Do you have ANY IDEA how many messages I receive? No wonder why I just leave most of the direct messages in my Twitter account. How’s that helping your server space clutter by the way?
  • Email Spam – This is more about how a company runs things than how users use the service. One such problem is It’s the social media equivalent of a petition website. I signed a petition one time against SOPA when it was a big thing. A few months later, I get an email from another Change campaign talking about gun control. She claimed that if guns were made illegal, the Colorado shooting wouldn’t have happened. It pissed me off immediately. I tried hard to understand how someone can be so stupid. Yeah sure…a criminal is going to give a shit about the laws that are in place. IF everyone had a gun in that theater, I guarantee that the gunman would have been killed before the  innocent bystanders. I was also annoyed because I got SPAMMED with a cause I would never believe in. I don’t believe in getting raped by my government. I like my rights, thank you. Keep your spam and shame on the woman that abused the service to spread her stupidity.
  • Games – Fine. One of the things that made social media popular were the games that people can play for free and get hooked on. The reason why they grew so much is because of the forced feature that you can be invited to them. You can block specific apps when you get invited, but you can’t block ALL OF THEM at once. There should be a feature to block all games, or all apps in general, or specific types of apps. You shouldn’t have to manually block every single game that you get invited to. It’s annoying. I don’t want to play with you, so stop it. If you weren’t wasting your time playing those stupid games, you might have started a successful business by now.

Ok, so I packed that list with a bit of a rant, but that’s ok. Got issues with social media? Share them below so I can agree with you!

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  1. You did some great points here. I agree with you that although social networking sites have some advantages with regards to your business but sometimes it has also disadvantages. There are times that your privacy is getting invaded and that’s the worst thing that’s keeping me annoy.
    Rusty´s last blog post ..Platinum Square Opening video

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