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Mandy Allen has been blogging since 2008 and runs several blogs and membership sites. offers tips and information for bloggers working at any level.

The Darker Side of PLR


Tweet The main thing that holds people back is fear.  It isn’t that they do not have the ability to do something (anything IS achieveable), it is that they do not trust that they CAN do anything, and learn anything. Many new Internet Marketers find this online world overwhelming.  They are often confused by conflicting […]

5 Mistakes NOT to Make With Your Blog


Tweet This is a guest post by Mandy Allen @ One of the most difficult process for newcomers when they start building blogs is to find a niche that will become popular and bring in some income.  Most, but not all, new bloggers make serious mistakes when they first start blogging by thinking about […]

Focusing Your Blog to Create Income


Tweet This is a guest post by Mandy Allen @ I know you want to get right into the details of setting up your blog and taking the steps to monetize it immediately.  Without doing some work BEFORE you get into running the actual blog, you just have to work for a time in […]

Blogging Your Way to an Income


Tweet This is a guest post by Mandy Allen @ In today’s failing, world-wide economy, the thought of making money online has become more popular every day. Dreaming about working from home and making a good income while you sleep or play with your kids has become a major topic on thousands of wish […]