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Being Accessible to Your Clients

Your customer will want to be able to reach you when they have a problem, or a question. If they cannot reach you, then you will turn them off. They will find somebody else who can be reached in their time of need.

In order to be accessible, you need to ensure you have clear contact information on your website, and business card. Your website should also include a contact form so that customers may simply type in their question or comment and hit a submit button.
Another great accessibility feature is a toll free number. You will find that you can get a toll free number with Vonage for a few bucks. The toll free number can be forwarded to your regular business number, or an automated answering system.

You should provide a business address, or at least a P.O. Box, and an email address for customers who want to email you directly. If you were slick about it, you would provide email addresses for different departments such as sales, customer service, support, returns, etc.

Your customer wants to remain your customer, so don’t give them reasons to leave you. Make sure you are accessible in every way possible for the comfort of the customer.

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  1. I think the information provided by you is very interesting.I`m also blogging about CRM.

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  2. Wonderful post. Any person in business whether online or offline should always be accessible to their clients. I consider this good customer service and will definitely keep them coming back to you.

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