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Category Archives: Celebrity Reputation Commando

Why I Won’t Represent Kim Kardashian


Tweet As you know, I am a celebrity pr consultant. I handle their reputation management, and not only advise them on how to stay out of trouble, but how to repair it after they’ve gotten into it. You may think that with her recent fraud of a marriage, that she would be the perfect candidate […]

Networking Secrets From a Celebrity Pr Consultant


Tweet Not too many people in my current life know exactly what I do for a living. That’s mainly because I don’t just bring it up in conversation. I used to be a recording artist with some decent credits. I since sort of retired from that. It was causing me to have severe depression. I […]

Taking on New Clients


Tweet I am currently accepting new big name clients for pr campaigns. When I say big name clients, I mean that you must be a celebrity, ceo, or another well known name. The services I am open for at the moment is internet pr campaigns: damage control, brand promotion, event marketing, etc. Again you MUST […]

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