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There’s an App for That…or Is There?


Tweet Hello everyone. I am scheduling this post to publish around the time I am making my way home to finish up some client projects and begin learning Flash and Flash Builder for AIR development. When I am building my first flash apps and games, I will need something to work on. The reason I […]

Tips for Establishing Partnerships With Clients


Tweet I decided to write this today because I was recently ripped off by a client who was also a partner of mine. I am not identifying the client here by name because I have pending legal action against them. But I want to share my experience so that you can avoid having similar issues […]

Can Any of My Readers Help Me Learn VB.Net?


Tweet A personal goal of mine for many years has been to learn Visual Basic.Net and a few other languages. Another top language goal is C# (C Sharp). The end goal is to develop many useful Windows applications, and eventually some games. I know I have a vast readership here, and a very supportive one. […]

Are You Living Beyond Your Means Yet?


Tweet It might sound like bad advice for me to tell you to live beyond your means, but I assure you that it’s not. For many years, I have gotten things on barter that I did not have the money for at the time. Now-a-days, I barter for fun, and out of habit. And often, […]

Being a Blogger Holds Legal Risks


Tweet If you are an American, you must be familiar with the constant daily argument that free speech is a right. The problem is that this “law” is challenged on a daily basis. It is challenged in many ways, including top secret government attacks on the character of the person practicing free speech. The reason […]

When McDonalds Tells You That It’s Breakfast and You Can’t Have Lunch Items


Tweet Ok. Now I can honestly say that I wanted to do this at times. This girl actually did it. Maybe McDonalds will get the hint and just give people what they want from now on. Note: there is no sound. I thought something happened with my audio driver at first. Then I realized this […]

Sphinn Wins a Spot on My Wrath List


Tweet Recently, I submitted my article “seo book for bloggers” to and it was up there for a couple of days without any issue. This morning I woke up to an email telling me that moderators removed the article from the Sphinn website because the article appeared to be pushing affiliate links or sales. […]

Pet Tube Is the #1 Google Trend


Tweet The weirdest things turn up on Google Trends sometimes. Borrowed from… Pet Tube is currently the hottest new video sharing site around, offering the funniest animal videos from around the world. In addition to videos, there’s also a forum and even groups. I can’t see the big deal really. I am all for […]

iPad Is the 1st Apple Product I Support


Tweet I have been an advocate of pushing negative reviews on Apple products for years. My dad first introduced me to Apple many years ago. His words of wisdom were “don’t buy an electronic named after a fruit because it’s bound to go bad”. I have been against Apple products mainly because of the setup […]

Blocked Content/Forced Newsletter: How to Instantly Lose Readers


Tweet I was just browsing a few marketing blogs, and I came across one I found interesting. But when I went to a single post to read and comment, the website went dim and an ajax newsletter was displayed in the light. That blog made a mistake. I immediately closed the entire tab because I […]

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