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Category Archives: Free Twitter Stuff

My Crazy Lotto Experiment


Tweet Ok, now people are really going to think I’m nuts, but I really wanted to try something new and strange. That’s why I created a new blog on blogger (yeah I know it’s not self-hosted) and utilize the blog to provide free graphics and graphical templates for my readers. The idea is to get […]

Building Massive Twitter Followers in 24 Hours


Tweet I have decided to use the past couple days working on my twitter followers. I have neglected it for some time, and determined it was the best social network to be influential when I need a huge influx of traffic in a short period of time. As an affiliate marketer, mass traffic is necessary […]

Overlooking Twitter Features and Why You Missed Out


Tweet I have been using the wp to twitter plugin since I started my blog, but I havn’t utilized a great part of it until recently. As someone who does so much every single day, I sometimes miss a small detail. Unfortunately, this one was costly. The feature I am speaking of is the search […]



Tweet These are 100% free to use Twitter backgrounds. I only ask that you follow @Brandon_Connell if you use these backgrounds. Check back OFTEN as this post will be updated with new designs regularly. Oh, and PLEASE COMMENT BELOW and let me know what theme you would like some new designs in. I will try […]

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