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I Am Currently Seeking Writers to Barter With


Tweet I am looking for writers that can write 50 pages worth of content for ebooks, and would like to barter for my graphic design services. You will be a ghostwriter for these projects. If you have the skills and are willing to trade services, contact me at and make sure to include examples […]

Cemented Pitch, Blackberry Theme


Tweet Just last week, my two new themes for Blackberry were published on App World. They are Cemented Pitch for Facebook, and Cemented Pitch for Twitter. These themes were created because I wanted to have Facebook integrated into my home screen of my Blackberry 9800 Torch, because the regular notifications sucked ass. With Cemented Pitch, […]

My New Blog Design. Want to Help?


Tweet I wanted to give everyone a teaser, or sneak peek at my new blog design that is coming soon. I also wanted to see if I can find a good coder that wants to benefit from helping me out. I do not have the time to code my new design. I spend a lot […]

My Crazy Lotto Experiment


Tweet Ok, now people are really going to think I’m nuts, but I really wanted to try something new and strange. That’s why I created a new blog on blogger (yeah I know it’s not self-hosted) and utilize the blog to provide free graphics and graphical templates for my readers. The idea is to get […]

Collect Your Free 468×60 Banner Now!


Tweet For some reason, it came to me to design banners for some of my regulars. I went through 15 pages of the most recent comments, and came up with 22 banners to design. These are for my dedicated regulars that have commented here recently (remember I went through 15 whole pages of comments), and […]

Custom Web Design W/Coding for $499


Tweet Hi everyone. I was previously only offering web layout design services on this blog. Now I am offering coding as well. For $499, I will design and code a professional website with search engine optimization included. You can use my contact page above, or visit my free quote page on my web design site […]

My WordPress Design Services


Tweet I wanted to take a moment to draw attention to my services pages. Particularly the PSD Layout Design services. My reason for this is that I love graphic design. It is just really fun to me to create a cool layout that someone will use to make a successful blog or cms with. This […]

Why Your Gravatar Just Doesn’t Cut It


Tweet Gravatars are great marketing tools. If you have one of your own, you can brand your image on other people’s blogs. How? Well, gravatars are meant to be your picture which go next to every comment you make on other blogs. It’s kind of like a logo. You know what Nike’s gravatar would look […]

“Dropped by to Say Hi” Marketing and Other Cool Tricks


Tweet Non-obtrusive marketing is the best kind because it allows you to get your brand in front of people who use social networks. The cool thing is that it doesn’t turn them off because of the way you do it. A prime example would be MySpace. I often use MySpace and I like to comment […]

Free WordPress Themes | Coming Soon…


Tweet As a web designer, I find it fun to create unique designs. As a marketer, I feel like I have been leaving a traffic source on the table. If I were to design a WordPress theme, and make it available for free on the website, I will generate a huge amount of traffic. […]

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