Free Ad Posting Craigslist Alternative

Are you tired of Craigslist blocking your ads, ghosting, spammers getting away with murder, or not having your Vonage phone numbers validate your account? I sure am.

A real alternative is needed. That’s why I created and it’s ready for your ad posting. You do not need an account to post your ad, and it’s much more user friendly than Craigslist. For instance, people can contact you right from the service rather than needing their own email client, and it blocks spam with CAPTCHA.

Head on over to and post a free ad in your area today!

Popular Blogging Topics for 2013

I have been posting popular blogging topics for the past couple years. This would be my 3rd I believe. Maybe the 4th. Use these ideas to start a blog that gets the maximum amount of traffic.

  1. Politics – This made my number one spot for 2013 because of how heated the presidential election is this November (2012). Obama vs Romney. Normally I wouldn’t comment on political issues, but I feel the need to here. Not only because it is in fact the hottest topic to blog about now, but also because I have paid more attention this year to what’s going on. Ron Paul was my favorite because everyone else lacked the common sense that he has. I admit I made the mistake of voting for Obama last time, but now it’s about making a change and protecting important rights such as gun ownership. I was also mad that he made promises on marijuana, then broke them by going after growers. If you were to write about these kinds of things, imagine how much traffic you can conjure up. I mean, if you are an Obama supporter, you probably are angry with me right now. See? It works!
  2. Jobs – Unfortunately, not everyone is smart enough to understand that careers are no longer an option for stability. Even so, people are trying hard to get and keep jobs rather than start their own business. If you can create a blog about these issues, people will flock to them. You can monetize in many ways, including affiliate programs for digital products on finding jobs or resume services.
  3. Facts – I found an app which is really more like an ebook. It’s focus is facts. Strange and weird facts. People love to read them, and when you think of sites like where they post small items, you know that a site that published small facts would likely be successful. People share them. People come back to learn more. People forget what they learned and come back to relearn it. It’s just common sense!
  4. Self-Help – The information business is very profitable. I know because a lot of my ebooks are on how to make money, marketing, etc. I teach people how to do things, and I sell lots of books. I also get good traffic on this blog providing information like this, and I get some good affiliate sales for various things. Come up with a subject in the self help arena and you can make it successful.
  5. Technical – I own a web design company, and when I used to post code examples and other technical data, I would get some excellent targeted traffic. It’s one industry that will never go flat for a blog. If you know something about computers, programming, or something else technical, write about it and I promise the traffic will come. A lot of it from Google!

That’s my top 5 on the popular blogging topics for 2013 to write about. It’s not a huge list, but seriously it shouldn’t be. You want to know what works and this is it. Going to write about one of these topics? Let me know about it with a comment below!

New Direction in Blogging

Personally I feel that the “make money blogging” niche has been written about to death. Frankly, you can only read about existing strategies for so long before you’re like “whatever…”. With that in mind, I am going to keep this blog going as something more. I don’t want to be one of the blogs that continues to write the same old stuff that their fellow bloggers are writing about.

I will still be writing about blogging and making money online, but in a different way. In addition, I will be writing about other issues I see that need to be talked about. An example would be the new iPhone 5 that was left again at a bar, and lost by an Apple employee. Things like this are an issue because it was obviously an intentional marketing ploy. The problem with such marketing ploys is that someone is going to take the bait, sell the iPhone, and get thrown in jail. All of this so Apple can sell more iPhone’s with the added hype.

Marketing is a great thing when used in the hands of companies and individuals with good intentions of making money by providing a quality product or service. When it’s in the hands of evil, it’s …..well …..evil.

I hope you stick around, because this blog is about to get much busier, and a lot more resourceful. My old huge cache of blogging for income articles will continue to be here in the archives, and more may be written as new strategies are developed. My ebooks will also remain available. I will also continue to write marketing newsletters.

How Affiliates Make Millions by Spending Thousands

Affiliate marketing is a goldmine opportunity, but it’s a tricky business. Those affiliates that setup newsletter campaigns and collect email addresses are small potatoes. The real affiliates are the ones that are making millions upon millions of dollars in the business. How do they do this?

They spend money

Any business can make millions if it has a marketing budget. But affiliate marketers really benefit if they use PPC and CPM campaigns as the tool to achieve that level of success.

My recent activities have me managing Adwords and Facebook campaigns to get millions of dollars in sales for ecommerce websites. Both of these sites I have an ownership stake in that motivates me to do my best.

In the ecommerce business, a successful Adwords or Facebook campaign relies on ones ability to select the appropriate landing pages for the right keywords and the right ads. Take for example an ecommerce site that sells engraved business items like pens or magnets. In this case, a person will want to specify keywords related to a specific product, and send users to the landing page related to that product. That’s how e-commerce websites make their millions. This is called targeted marketing.

In the case of affiliate marketing, the concept is the same. You need to send visitors to the right landing pages. This can be tricky however, if you are using Facebook for advertising.

Facebook hates affiliate marketers

They hate them so much that they do not allow affiliate advertising with squeeze pages. There is a trick to get around that though.

To get around the FB issue, simply create a few facebook ads, then when they go through the approval process, you can see their IP address. You are sending them to a page that you haven’t made available to anyone else.

If you use StatPress or a similar plugin, you can see their IP address. Then you proceed to filter and redirect their IP address to the page you created for them. That’s the page you submitted with your ads.

When the filter works, it shows Facebook IP’s your fake page, but your real visitors will see your squeeze page. That’s how it’s done.

Google is still the boss

Facebook aside, Google will be your biggest traffic source. Utilize their PPC for search, and direct them to your squeeze pages. Make sure you only use relevant keywords, or you can end up wasting hundreds or even thousands on clicks that will never convert to commissions.

Power affiliates start out spending $1,000 per month on PPC ads, and they repurpose their profits towards their PPC costs. The profit will gradually grow, as they make their millions.

It really is that simple. Now get to work!

Healthy Blogging: Feeling Good Can Make You Blog Better

Are you fat like me?

I know… not very nice. But I am allowed to talk about something that I can relate to. I am 5’8″ and weigh 250 pounds. This means I have a BMI (body mass index) of over 38%, You aren’t supposed to have a BMI over 25%.

I am considered obese right now. Not only that, but I am very much out of shape and can’t do a lot physically without getting tired. I will not be letting this problem continue however. Tomorrow, I am buying a juicer and will only be having one regular food meal per day. Then every time I get hungry afterwards, I will be juicing fruits and veggies.

broccoli 287x300 Healthy Blogging: Feeling Good Can Make You Blog BetterBut that’s sick!

Well, shit happens. I should have thought about that before I let myself get out of shape. Aside from that, juicing doesn’t have to be nasty. You can mix up things for a good flavor. For example, I wouldn’t just juice some broccoli. I would combine it with a green apple to make it go down easier.

I know you may be wondering “what in the hell does this have to do with blogging?”, and my answer would be that it has everything to do with blogging. If you have not noticed, I haven’t been posting here very much. As a matter of fact, it’s been nearly a month since I last posted an article.

My reason for hiatus was not just that I have clients, but that I am too tired and my mind is not as clear as it should be. This has a lot to do with my health. I should feel much better at the age of 30, and I should have a lot more energy than I currently do.

It’s time that I stop using my treadmill as an end-table and start taking care of myself. I want to see my feet again when I’m standing up. More importantly, I don’t want to let my blog turn into an echo chamber.

How To Be An Unhealthy Blogger

If you want to avoid the trap I fell into, then I can give you some suggestions and tips. Hopefully my misery will help you avoid your own. Of course, if you want to be unhealthy, do the opposite of what I tell you below.

  • Don’t sit on your ass 24/7 - If you really want to get out of shape, find a way to keep yourself busy on the computer all of the time. I should be getting out for a walk at the park at least every two days, or using my treadmill that much. I should be playing basketball like I did when I was a teenager. I remember what it was like to have some nice abs. Get active right now, and don’t let your blog become your entire life. You will find that you have even more inspiration in your writing because of the events of the day.
  • Eat healthy - I am NOT saying to avoid double cheeseburgers from MacDonald’s. Actually, you should eat what you want. But you should also eat healthy fruits and vegetables more often. Even more importantly, eat until you are full…. not until you are stuffed. This probably means that you should avoid buffet restaurants.
  • Avoid headaches - Don’t stare are the computer monitor for hours at a time. You can think heavily about what you want to write about. You can even write it down on paper while sitting on your deck getting fresh air. Then when you are ready to publish it, you can type away, do your editing, and post it. Take it from a web designer and coder; headaches will come if you don’t follow my advice. A bad headache or migraine will easily kill your creative side fast.
Unhealthy ways can….
  • Make you abandon your blog
  • Take away your creativity
  • Take away your drive and passion
…so avoid them like you avoid your co-workers when they have a cold.

Making the Most of Your Blogging Career

Did I say career? Yes I did. You may have gone into the world of blogging with the idea that you would be the 1 blogger that didn’t care about money. We all do that at some point in our lives when we take blogging seriously. But if you are human, you will most likely come to the conclusion that money can be, and should be made with your blog.

This article isn’t the usual junk about why blogging is good for making money, or any type of motivation article. This article simply talks about how you can make the most out of your blogging career as a whole.

All The Comforts of Home

As I sit here writing this article (or a piece of it, as it is massive), I have a can of mountain dew, a waffle blanket that makes me want to go to sleep, and a nice quiet atmosphere. If I wanted to disturb my quiet, I have a huge television in front of me with a PS3, and a Wii, and both of them have netflix installed for quick entertainment.

You can say…. I’m comfortable. I am not sitting at a desk in an office chair. I am sitting on a fluffy couch with my laptop on my (guess where) lap.

Do you want to stay in the blogging game for awhile? It is vital that you keep yourself comfortable. You will see a bunch of other bloggers tell you that you need to be focused, and not have comforts and distractions. I have seen those people around the blogosphere. I haven’t seen them lately… It seems that their rigid demeaner has failed them in many ways.
Keep in mind that blogging is tough enough without any comforts. You have to worry about blogging topics, marketing tactics, monetization, and whatever else comes your way. Why make it harder on yourself?

Take Your Articles to Another Level

I will admit, I have gone from the small post style, to the long, and back again. I am never consistent with the length of my articles. I have however, been angling more to the longer articles because I can include much more valuable information in them.

Let’s face it, subscribers want content. If you are not giving them what they want, they will eventually leave.

There was a time when I desperately wanted a thousand articles published here, and another thousand there. That was a flawed strategy. A proper strategy would have been to focus even further on the quality of content I published.

I am in no way admitting to publishing low quality content. I am however, saying that it could have been better on a regular basis rather than sometimes. Personally, I wish I wrote a bunch more lengthy articles than I have. While there are some gems on this blog, there will be huge improvements made from here on out as of this article.

The Money is in the Details

There are always improvements to be made to your blog. You may not know it now, but there is “something” on your blog that is lacking. I recently discovered a small item that when fixed, allowed me to gain a bunch more feed subscribers than I was getting before.

My RSS button was going straight to the feed itself. I changed that link to go to my feedburner email subscribe form. Email rss subscribers are very important to me, and to the success of my blog. If I can make it easier to get them, then I have won half the battle.

If you want to start making improvements, do a simple twice-over on your blog. I’m sure you will find something that can be changed and optimized for maximum results.

Never Leave a Man Behind

That’s the motto of our armed forces, so why can’t we seem to follow it ourselves? Sometimes following this rule means helping ourselves when we fall behind on our goals.

  • If you get lazy and stop writing articles, then you have fallen behind.
  • If you don’t send out newsletters on a regular schedule, you have fallen behind.
  • If you fail to write guest posts, then you have fallen behind.
  • If you fail to ask others to guest post on your blog, you have fallen behind.
  • If you are dragging ass creating your newest ebook, you have fallen behind.

There are so many things that you can be, and should be doing. Something has smacked you off of the train tracks, and it’s a tough job getting back on there. You have to find a way though, otherwise you risk falling behind indefinitely!

While it is important to keep yourself ahead of the game, it is also important to help others stay ahead of the game. If you have networked with a blogger at some point, then you have a responsibility to say something if that blogger falls behind. If YOU notice the issue, then they will want to know that the issue was noticed. That can sometimes be a motivator for that blogger to get back on track.

Is it drafty in here?

Unfortunately, you can’t just close the windows. This is a blog after-all… But you can send your articles to draft long before you publish them.

I have spent a bunch of my blogging career publishing out of the box. This means that I write it, and hit publish. I have eased more to the draft section because it allows me to perfect my articles before I show them to the world.

There have been times where I actually have had to edit a post 5 times because each time I came across typos. It can be extra annoying if you are a perfectionist like myself.

Stubborn Attitudes Will Kill Your Blogging Career

I used to be one of those guys that despised pop-ups on websites, and I have even rallied against them and gotten into heated debates against them. That was before I got wise to the obvious. Pop-up aren’t bad. People that use them can be. It’s the same thing with guns. Guns don’t kill, husbands that come home early do. LOL!

The thing about popups are that they work. They do their job of getting subscribers, and having your ebooks downloaded. If you have read ANY of the articles on my blog for awhile, then you will know that ebooks can be monetized even when they’re free!

Popup plugins can be set to not be annoying. I had one up that only appeared once every 30 days. I switched to a different style of pop-up, and changed the frequency to 7-days. Even with a seven day leeway before it appears for the same person again, it is not annoying. What would be annoying is if it showed up on every single page, every time the page loaded. There are some blogs that actually do that. It makes their blogs impossible to read without going insane.

Even if you are against pop-ups, you can still use them without “selling out”. They can and will help you grow your blog, and your income. Leaving them off the table because you are hard-headed will get you nowhere.

Laziness Can Be Costly

When I speak of laziness here, I am speaking of not backing up your blog. Chances are, your hosting company has a backup option. If not, it isn’t hard to use an ftp program like CoreFTP to download all of your files, and you can easily export your database using phpMyAdmin.

Did you hear about the time that my website got hacked, and I lost everything? Probably not because it only happened to me once when I was a newbie to websites many years ago. Ever since, backups have been a huge part of my internet life.

I backup so much, I would make Microsoft jealous. It’s worth it too. If someone were to hack me, I would be operational again within minutes if I am around; the next day if I wasn’t around.

If you are hosting with Hostgator like I am right now, then there is an option to backup your entire website including the databases, and you will be provided with a link to download them all.

Are you missing your balls?

That might have missed the mark if you happen to be a woman… but the meaning is exactly the same. Blogging for income requires you to be ready to take action. If you are someone that procrastinates on everything, then blogging for income will be tough for you to master.

As you know, I am an advocate for offering a service on your blog. You can be consulting on some topic as soon as today if you wanted. You just have to put your plan into motion by creating a service, and offering it on a page within your blog.

Blogging in 2011-2012 will require some big balls. The competition is stiff (no perverted pun intended), but luckily Google and other traffic sources will still help you out. The problem is that you have to be a decision maker to make the process work for you.

Not only can it be tough to piece a service together, but there are other issues you have to get around such as guest posting. You may not feel that your content is top-notch quality like those you have read, but believe me when I tell you that there are major websites out there helping to promote beginner bloggers.

Guest blogging is a vital step to take if you want to establish yourself, and earn quick traffic in the process. Get over your fears, and get out there. Your name can be plastered all over the place like mine is in no time at all!

Show Your A$$!

Yes, I said ass and balls in the same article. While I await the many complaints from censors across the world, let me tell you about why it’s sometimes important to show your ass.

I remember awhile back, my friend and fellow blogger Alex Whalley was attacked on his blog by someone that simply could not comprehend something he wrote about. The woman called him sexist for no reason, because he used a nice little photo of a hot chick on his article. By the way, he didn’t say “hot chick”, that’s my nice little addition.

When the reader refused to listen to reason, and she became belligerent, he had no choice but to show his ass. There was another time when we first created our joint-blog at (note: we have been slacking on that blog though icon sad Making The Most of Your Blogging Career ), some joker started talking crap about Alex on his blog. Not Alex’ blog, but the dude’s. We had no choice but to show up on his blog and call out his stupidity. Apparently, the guy did not like the idea of affiliate marketers affiliate marketing (tongue twister, sorry).

If you are being attacked, sometimes it can be wise to go on the offensive. It feels good while it gives your readers your side of the story.

Overbearing Personalities, Lacking Content

Sometimes you come across a blog that is horribly monetized. It is one thing for there to be ads, and links to affiliate products within quality articles. It is another thing to go to a blog that is nothing but affiliate reviews.

Sites that are obviously full of spam will not help your credibility. You need to provide meat and potatoes, not a plate full of mustard.

To avoid falling into the blogger affiliate marketing trap that makes readers want to vomit, I suggest you having a review to article ratio of 1/10. Squeeze out 9 quality articles before writing yet another review to make money from. What this will do is allow you to build up rss subscribers, newsletter subscribers, and traffic which you can then monetize with the 1 review.

In addition, you will be able to get paid ads and paid reviews because your blog has been established with quality control.

Don’t be a cheapskate!

If you are always worrying about the $47 for the new ad management plugin, or some other premium feature that will make your blog stand out, then you will never spend a dime on anything to improve your blog. In the end, you are basically telling your readers that you don’t care about them.

The same goes for learning. If you want to make money now, or build up your reputation as an expert, then get yourself a consultant or coach. These are experts in their field that can save you years by teaching you what works now. Everyone needs help now and then, so don’t be afraid to ask. More importantly, don’t be too cheap to ask.

You will do well

If you follow these invaluable tips, I have no doubt that your blogging career will skyrocket into something that you can share with your grandkids.

Making changes can be easy, but you have to have an open mind. Your blog can be fully developed and raking in money in just days in some cases.

Did you enjoy this article? If so, get more just like it delivered to your inbox by subscribing!

OIOPublisher Coupon Code for May 2011

A new months means a new coupon! I have my latest coupon for $10 off of OIOPublisher. I like to give these out every month when I remember. The latest coupon to use at checkout is SPRING11-FLING so make sure you copy and paste it during the checkout process.

In case you have no clue, OIOPublisher is the ad code I use here on my blog. It is the most versatile plugin for WordPress that allows you to place turnkey ads anywhere on your blog. They are automated so your blog can generate it’s own revenue while you sleep. In addition, it is a standalone script, so you can use it on static websites and your niche sites as well. Basically, you can use the functionality on any given website you may have.

Grab OIOPublisher by clicking on any of these links or click on the banner below! Remember to use SPRING11-FLING as your coupon during checkout to receive $10 off of the $47 price-tag.
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Win a Brand New Kindle 3G!

I said I wasn’t going to do anymore contests until people started interacting more on this blog and the forum, but I just couldn’t resist. This latest contest is your opportunity to win a brand new Kindle 3G from Amazon.

Contest Rules:

  1. Write at least 1 guest post for on blogging or blog marketing, and it must be unique rather than something that is re-hashed over and over.
  2. Publish a supporting article that references this guest post on your blog, and link to it.
  3. Promote your guest post, and the supporting post in order to get as many comments and video comments as possible on your guest post at
  4. The contest ends on August 30th, 2011, and the winner is the blogger with the highest response on their guest post (most comments, backlinks, social media response, etc). This contest winner is determined by many factors this time rather than relying on comments alone, so go all-out!

To join this contest, login and submit a guest post if you already have an account here. If you don’t, then contact me to have one setup. Make sure you fill out your bio and profile completely before submitting your article.


My Comeback & Reasons for My Vacation

In case you haven’t noticed, I have not been posting on my blog lately. Ever since my trip to Atlanta, I have been busy building my new business @, and that takes a lot of time and money. The new business offers clients a 300-1,0000% increase in business, and the target market is service-based industries that rely on local customers in their region.

Here at the blog, I have posted a few guest articles as a part of a contest. That was the extent of my involvement here, other than a little bit of back-end marketing.

My comeback will be much more noticeable though. I decided to kick it off by submitting a new guest article to ProBlogger about the fastest route to making money online. I will update everyone when that is published. I will also be making my rounds with guest posting on various other blogs where I have appeared in the past, and possibly a few new ones.

Keep an eye out for some serious updates.

Contest Winner Update

Back in February, I posted the contest to win 50 free ad banners. Surprisingly only 1 person took part in this contest, but her 3 guest posts could have stood their own ground if she had competition. I do however, want to note that this is the last contest on this blog for awhile, until I see more people taking part in things here. If I start seeing more legit activity on the free marketing forum or commenting on articles here on the blog, I will start doing contests again.

Mandy from Learn to Blog is the contest winner, and will be able to specify the sizes of the 50 ads that she wants. Check out her own blog and show her some love for taking part in this contest.

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