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Category Archives: DMOZ

Sphinn Wins a Spot on My Wrath List


Tweet Recently, I submitted my article “seo book for bloggers” to and it was up there for a couple of days without any issue. This morning I woke up to an email telling me that moderators removed the article from the Sphinn website because the article appeared to be pushing affiliate links or sales. […]

I Said Don’t, So Go Ahead and Do It


Tweet It’s a funny thing really. I write posts telling people not to bribe a dmoz editor, and then I see them finding my blog looking for ways to bribe a dmoz editor. I use various stats tracking programs on this blog. I utilize Google Webmaster Services, Google Analytics, and some built in systems like […]

Why DMOZ Is Still Relevant in 2010


Tweet DMOZ aka the Open Directory Project has had it’s share of enemies. Those enemies are the ones who have tried hard to bring it down because of their distaste with the indexing process. That process being for volunteers to index only the most relevant, resourceful websites. The problem comes in when webmasters get rejected […]

Want to Get Listed in DMOZ ?


Tweet I get people that ask me all the time about how to get listed in DMOZ. The facts are this. DMOZ is completely volunteer driven. I am one of MANY volunteers in this vast human edited directory. People tend to submit their website to DMOZ because they think it is the holy grail of […]

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