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Why I Won’t Represent Kim Kardashian


Tweet As you know, I am a celebrity pr consultant. I handle their reputation management, and not only advise them on how to stay out of trouble, but how to repair it after they’ve gotten into it. You may think that with her recent fraud of a marriage, that she would be the perfect candidate […]

Are Your Excerpts Catchy Enough?


Tweet Excerpts are popular on blogs. Many blogs only show excerpts on the homepage and categories pages. Because excerpts are designed to be small paragraphs introducing readers to an article, they have to be packed with information that makes the reader want to check out the entire article. Consider this… Many people decide what articles […]

Ideas for Maximum Creativity


Tweet I wanted to make this a list post, but then quickly decided that I have no idea what all I will come up with. Most likely, it will be more than the number I would have listed. The funny thing is that I came up with the title and post idea in a split […]

Are You Ready to Get Rich in 2011?


Tweet It’s the beginning of the year, and I wanted to write something meaningful. Not only meaningful, but inspiring and hopefully life changing. I want you to be as inspired as I was when I was homeless and reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad at the library. After you read this article, your entire way of […]

Popular Blogging Topics for 2011


Tweet In early 2010, I wrote an article on the popular blogging topics for the year. I wanted to start 2011 off right with a new list of blogging topics that will be very popular this year. To kick this off, let’s start with the ultimate controversy. In 2010, Wikileaks was a major development and […]

Do You Truly Sacrifice for Change?


Tweet When I was a kid, I would fantasize about being rich. I even knew that it would happen before I became an adult (that didn’t happen). As a matter of fact, it took years beyond turning 18 before I made a significant amount of money on my own. As time went by, I realized […]

Are You Following Inexperienced Advice?


Tweet An article I read today rehashed an issue I argued against on another blog a couple months ago. That issue being that content is not king. I instantly get into these debates because I find that the person writing about them is promoting disinformation which goes against everything I teach on this blog. What […]

My Crazy Lotto Experiment


Tweet Ok, now people are really going to think I’m nuts, but I really wanted to try something new and strange. That’s why I created a new blog on blogger (yeah I know it’s not self-hosted) and utilize the blog to provide free graphics and graphical templates for my readers. The idea is to get […]

Your Marketing Plan Template


Tweet During my research for popular search terms, I found that “marketing plan template” was on the rise. I decided to take advantage by writing a post about it. The research that provided this data was performed using Google Insights, which is a tool that I use regularly. Using this along with Google Trends, and […]

TSA Stories Anyone?


Tweet Over the past month, I have been watching constant news stories pop up on Yahoo! which happens to be my homepage, about travelers who have felt violated or molested by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In addition, their backscatter xray machine which is supposed to not be able to take photos of travelers, is […]

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