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Category Archives: Charity

Investment Beyond Blogging and IM


Tweet For the past few months, I have been looking into investment beyond blogging and IM (internet marketing). I have been looking into buying patents, and buying existing business assets. I have been hanging out at DailyDac checking out the investment opportunities. For those of you that have been blogging awhile and built up the […]

When Destiny Misses a Man


Tweet An aging man sits on a bench at the bus stop. He sits carefully underneath the timed heater because it is chilly in the fall. His clothes are worn, and a little dirty. Sitting next to him is a paper bag with a glass bottle, a 40 ounce beer which is one of the […]

Let’s Help the Homeless and Stop Waiting for Government Fixes


Tweet Homelessness is something that is shrugged off by many Americans. They don’t understand how bad it is until it happens to them. I was one of those people. I first became homeless when I was 13. My parents struggled to make ends meet, and we went from having a steady home to living in […]

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