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Investment Beyond Blogging and IM


Tweet For the past few months, I have been looking into investment beyond blogging and IM (internet marketing). I have been looking into buying patents, and buying existing business assets. I have been hanging out at DailyDac checking out the investment opportunities. For those of you that have been blogging awhile and built up the […]

Turning Your Blog Income Into Multiple Streams


Tweet So you worked hard for a year or so posting regularly to your blog. It was a life draining process where your nights were spent tossing and turning because you could not stop thinking about how to market your blog and get the word out. Now you have a steady stream of blogging income […]

Reasons Why People Want to Work From Home


Tweet There are some people on this planet that would rather die than have a traditional job. These kinds of people do better starting their own businesses because they tend to not be people persons. I will admit that I have had jobs in my past where I could think about nothing more than how […]

Bank Owned: REOs


Tweet A bank is in business to lend money. They find people who want to buy a property, or have a property and want to get cash out. They make their money from the interest incurred from the loan. Sometimes the loan does not go as planned because the buyer gets behind on payments. After […]

Creative Financing: Contract for Deed


Tweet Also known as a land contract, a contract for deed is a legally binding agreement that commits the buyer to the upkeep, and taxes just as if they owned the title, but they do not get the deed to the property until the full terms of the contract are satisfied. Land contracts can be […]

How to Buy Real Estate With No Money Down


Tweet Buying a house is really not that hard. Even if you are broke. A few years back, I was in a situation with my family and we were behind on our rent. We had a toddler and a newborn, and had less than 2 weeks to get out. This was right before Christmas. I […]

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