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Turning Your Blog Income Into Multiple Streams


Tweet So you worked hard for a year or so posting regularly to your blog. It was a life draining process where your nights were spent tossing and turning because you could not stop thinking about how to market your blog and get the word out. Now you have a steady stream of blogging income […]

Reasons Why People Want to Work From Home


Tweet There are some people on this planet that would rather die than have a traditional job. These kinds of people do better starting their own businesses because they tend to not be people persons. I will admit that I have had jobs in my past where I could think about nothing more than how […]

Put Option Pick May 2010


Tweet ASIA also known as Asiainfo Holdings Inc. is currently trading at $21.46 with an expected drop to around $13.00. For all you put option lovers, this one is a big one for you. AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet infrastructure, total solutions and software in China, one of the world’s fastest […]

Stock Pick for May 2010 – TRE (Tanzanian Royalty Ex)


Tweet My latest stock pick for May 2010 is TRE. This stock is a steal right now at $4.67 and I am expecting it to go up past $6. If you were to grab it right now and invest $5,000 then sell it at $6 then you will make a $1,000+ profit. This stock right […]

Penny Stock for April 12th 2010


Tweet Bought 1,000 shares of BLUG. Trading at around .20 and if all goes well, will trade upwards of 50 cents. I use a strategy of buying cheap if the stock goes down a penny or two also because I know that I will make it up when the stock trades upwards again. Easy cheesy. […]

Penny Stock Picks Are a Popular Topic


Tweet My post on penny stock picks for April 2010 created a good amount of search traffic. I actively invest in OTCbb Pinksheets, and I use Tradeking and TD Ameritrade (Think or Swim). I will start posting more often when I decide to purchase a penny stock or two. Keep in mind that I tend […]

My Penny Stock Picks for April 2010


Tweet BRZM and ECOF are two stocks with expected high value returns. BRZM is currently selling for around 2 cents per share. ECOF is selling for around 24 cents per share. SEE BELOW!! ECOF: SACRAMENTO, CA, 30 March 2010- ECO2 Forests Inc. (US Stock Symbol: ECOF) is proud to become the first sustainable forestry company […]

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