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Category Archives: List Building

Membership Sites: The OTHER Green Meat


Tweet Membership websites are something you probably haven’t considered if you are blogging for income, or trying to make money as an affiliate…but you should think long and hard about leaving cash on the table. It’s fairly easy to setup a member site and you don’t need Duhaime’s Law Dictionary to get into business (although […]

Which Subscriber List Is the Most Important?


Tweet You have seen the saying, “the money is in the list”, many times and on many blogs I am sure. But what does that mean exactly? A newsletter is a great thing to have on your blog. As a matter of fact, your newsletter can bring in some serious traffic and sales when you […]

How to Build Subscribers by Not Cutting Corners


Tweet Have you ever heard the saying that “everyone learns through failure”? Well failure is something that I simply do not believe in. I would be lying if I said that I have never had failure. As a matter of fact, I learned seo over 15 years ago through trial and error. But in order […]

Make Money Blogging With List Posts


Tweet As you may have read on many blogs about blogging, list posts are very popular. But did you know just how popular they actually are? I have my homepage set for Yahoo! and it’s been that way since I was 13 years old. I am now 29, so that’s a pretty long time. Having […]

If I Had to Start All Over


Tweet This seems to be a popular topic with many these days, because newbies want to know how to get on the blogging and niche fast track. People are in an extreme hurry to make money online so that they can quit their jobs and work from home. There is nothing wrong with this, because […]

Are Your Squeeze Pages Up to Date?


Tweet I have used squeeze pages for many things. The most important to my business has been lead generation for customers seeking search engine marketing and web design services. These days, I use them to build my list and promote my blog. Back when I first started using squeeze pages, they were just gaining popularity. […]

Your Blog Is Struggling Because…


Tweet There are so many blogs out there in which I interact with on a regular basis. Lots of them come back to me and comment, and I like to browse through old comments and click on the blog links. But do you know what happens when I do? Sometimes I come across a url with […]

Income Blogging Requires New Strategies in This Day and Age


Tweet If you started blogging back in the late 90′s up into the early 2000′s then you are most likely a successful blogger today. Back then, it was the newest and greatest thing to do on the web. Now-a-days it takes much more effort because everyone and their mother is doing it. The problem isn’t necessarily […]

I Quit Blogging Because This Business Sucks!


Tweet Wow, what a motivation title. I didn’t really quit blogging, just in case any of my regulars had a mini heart attack. I just wanted to catch your undivided attention for awhile. I didn’t bring you here with such a startling title so I can sell you something. I did it because I have […]

How I Switched My Blogging Style for Maximum Exposure & Profits


Tweet If you have been a reader of my blog for a long time, you know that my style was to post 7 articles per day. I then reduced it gradually until it ended up being once per day. Recently, we started moving which meant that I was going to be gone from my blog […]

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