Looking for Writers for a Survival Blog

I am looking for regular contributors for a new survival blog. You would be writing about massive flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, doomsday events, martial law, electromagnetic pulse, zombies, biological attacks, and more. Choose what you write about. Articles are a 1,000 word minimum.

Contributors will get an author bio/signature to promote 2 links along with an additional set of links to their social media profiles and contact information if they wanted to provide it. You will receive a significant amount of traffic.

Interested parties should contact me right away.

Local SEO on Mobile Devices

Is your lead generation website optimized for mini browsers too? When I do local search marketing, I have to really dig down and find every possible gateway to traffic for my clients. That’s why I understand that many of their customers will find them through a cell phone or tablet like the Kindle Fire, BlackBerry Playbook or iPad.

With this in mind, I like to ensure that I create a website specifically for mobile devices. There is a good service for a mobile website builder called MOBDIS, which will create something professional and bug-free.

With this service, you can:

  • Build great looking mobile sites with no coding
  • Easily add rich media content like product galleries, store locators & videos
  • Add business features like Forms and Coupons to increase customers
  • For Developers, extend and customize with JavaScript and jQuery Mobile

…There is also flexibility in pricing plans and hosting options.

With the competition growing daily in the local search marketing market, I like to have the advantage over my competitors. Understand that more and more people are going mobile, and that isn’t likely to change in the future.

Local SEO Will Increase Your Business

If you own a business that relies on local customers or local clients, then you must know how vital it is that potential customers are able to find you. That’s where local seo (search engine optimization) comes in.

What would happen if you doubled your business within 3-months time? What would that mean to you? Would it be a game changer?

If I were to tell you that you can own the first page of Google in not just one, but MULTIPLE positions, would you jump on it? My company Leads2LocalSearch does just that! The problem is, we only represent one company in a given industry for their local regional area. That means if you were a criminal attorney in Chicago and you were our client, then you would be the only criminal attorney that we have as a client for Chicago. That’s an important part of our strategy because our job is to give you more than one position on Google’s first page.

What if I were to tell you that your competition is reading this too? Would you pass up this opportunity and let them take control of the search results?

Google Local SEO Will Increase Your Business

Let me tell you some things about Google local seo and how it works…

Google has different areas for which your website(s) can show up. One of them is the sponsored listings. These are the results at the very top of the page, and along the right side of the page when you do a search. You can control that area. In addition, the listings underneath the sponsored results are natural search listings. We get your website on the very top of those listings in not just one, but many spots. How you ask? We get your actual business website on top with up to 2 possible listings. We also setup various social media profiles and other business listings, and we get them to show up on top of the organic search results as well.

What else? With local seo, no campaign would be complete without optimizing the local listings. Those are generally showing for local searches between the sponsored and natural results. They often show phone numbers and physical street addresses of your business for that search area.

Let’s break it down…

What if your business showed up in the sponsored listings, the local listings with your phone number + address + URL, and multiple spots in the natural serps? A major increase in business is what happens!

Are you convinced that you AT LEAST need to request a no-obligation quote? Yes? Go to http://www.leads2localsearch.com and fill out the quick form. It really is that simple to double your business or more!

CPA (Cost Per Action) and the Facts

Cost Per Action, also known as CPA is all about conversions. I have discussed CPA in the past on this blog, and I would like to get into more detail here and now for those of you looking to make a long-term residual income.

Timelines from placement to action

The thing about cpa is that it is tricky to make money with if you have no previous experience with it. I am always excited about getting people into cpa, and sometimes get crazy about it when talking about how it works. Just ask Alex Whalley who I introduced a few months back to this wonderful world.

CPA is something I love because it allows me to make good chunks of money with little effort. How you say? Ok, I did warn you that it is hard to make money from with no experience, but when you do have that experience, it is easy as a $10 hooker on a crack withdrawal.

First, you will of course need to setup some niche sites. That’s CPA-101. Without niche sites, you aren’t being all you can be. But you don’t have to have niche sites in order to make money with CPA. I will discuss this more down the road ( I don’t want you skipping out on me early ).

Marketing a CPA niche site

For me, I love the fact that Google is my bitch when it comes to seo. I have been doing seo since 1994 back when Google wasn’t nearly as great as Yahoo!. Unfortunately, this won’t be the case for a bunch of you. So it’s important to get the basics down when it comes to seo.

You can learn more about search engine optimization with these handy articles…

That should be enough to get you started.

Google CPA (Cost Per Action) And The FactsYou will find that seo is vital to your long term cpa strategy. It’s not important to rank for every possible term in your niche, but it’s mighty handy to rank for a few good terms. If this blog were a cpa niche site, I would bank off of it with cpa more than I do. That’s because I get tons of traffic from Google’s natural organic rankings. It’s mostly because I have hundreds of articles on this blog which accumulated over it’s lifetime.

SEO is NOT your solution to short term cpa success! Let me explain…

If you just got into cpa and you are looking to rack up the $$$$$$ right now, you want to push social media sharing like you would push an old Pinto out of traffic. Here’s why I love social networks for cost per action campaigns…

The great thing about social media is that I don’t even need a website to promote my cpa offers. I can create a shortened link, and then have it ‘retweeted’ or ‘liked’ over and over. If you engage on Twitter regularly, you probably have a great solid network that will tweet any message you ask them to. The more friends you have with thousands of followers equals free traffic to your cpa offer.

Not using Twitter? Well you are slacking, and you probably shouldn’t be doing cpa in the first place. Again, this is CPA-101 stuff.

ADS come in all sizes

Are you cheap? I hope not. The next thing I want to discuss is all about ad campaigns. I am not talking about adwords or some other ppc/cpm medium. I am talking about utilizing ad networks like BuySellAds in order to drive traffic to your offers.

On BuySellAds.com, there are tons of websites you can list your banner ad on. Locate a few in your niche or a related niche, and submit your banner to them for a small price. If your ad cost $25 per month to place, and you made $3-4 per action, you only need a few actions in order to cover the cost.

This tactic may take a few tries to get right, but when it happens, you will know it.

Setup Offers on Your Blog

If you have an established blog like mine, you can create an offers page and direct readers there. If you have an seo blog, you can promote MaxBounty links for seo software. If you have a health and diet blog, guess what?! They have offers for that!

I don’t have an offers page on my blog only because I focus more on driving traffic to my consulting services, and other items that make up a good majority of my income from blogging.

CPA is Your Friend

If you haven’t gotten excited about CPA yet, you suck. But if you have, what’s your experience with it? What do you plan to do with it? Let me know below!

Which Subscriber List Is the Most Important?

You have seen the saying, “the money is in the list”, many times and on many blogs I am sure. But what does that mean exactly? A newsletter is a great thing to have on your blog. As a matter of fact, your newsletter can bring in some serious traffic and sales when you want them. But I am here to tell you that your newsletter list is nothing compared to another important list.

The RSS Feed Email Subscribers

Your most important list is the one that tells you how many people get your rss feeds. The most important of which are the ones that receive your feeds by email. I use Feedburner with my blog, and I keep an eye on the subscriber count.

My feed list tells me how many people are truly dedicated to reading my blog, and looking out for valuable information I am trying to provide here.

The major benefits I know of with rss subscribers are:

  • They get emailed whenever you add an article to your blog.
  • Your article links remain in-tact and can turn into affiliate sales, or drive traffic to websites.
  • RSS Subscribers are more dedicated to your blog than any other type of subscriber.

I love the fact that whenever I add a new article to my blog, someone will be delivered an email notifying them about it. It tells me that these readers are likely to visit the new blog post and comment on it expressing their opinion.

With links staying in-tact, it means I can write a review post and generate some affiliate sales if I wanted. It also means that I can drive lots of traffic to a new blog or business website of mine.

If a reader subscribes to your feeds by email, it tells you that they loved your content and they want to receive more of it. You can also grow this list faster than the others because it is a more trusted medium. I can’t tell you how many times I have subscribed to a great blog’s newsletter only to be spammed to death afterwards. I know that if I subscribe to their feeds however, I will continue to get that great content delivered straight to my inbox.

Your Traffic is What Matters

When you are reading the occasional Yahoo news article about how stay at home moms are making money blogging, it’s always telling you about how they get 150,000 visits a month or more. Understand that traffic is where the money is at. I see a bunch of bloggers saying that “traffic isn’t the driving force”, but that would be inaccurate to say the least.

Traffic is the largest factor when attempting to make money blogging, or even through some other online money-making venture. Without traffic, you have nobody to use sales techniques or ad placements on.

To read up on getting traffic, I will share the love with some links to great articles on blogs that I frequent, or have come across recently. Traffic is what you need in order to build your subscriber base.

  • Operation: Facebook Traffic – Been meaning to build your traffic from Facebook? This is the article for you!
  • Alexa Have I Upset You? – An article detailing a bloggers experience with Alexa, and traffic issues. Alexa is something I actually take seriously.
  • Hellobar or Viperbar – Want to build your list quickly? This article tells you about two great plugins that can do the job.
  • Increase Conversions With Less Traffic – In case you haven’t got a ton of traffic quite yet, and still want to make some good money.
  • Link Building Strategies – Links are what get you visitors, and top 10 rankings. Check out this article if you want to build up both of these things.

Of course, you can find many articles on traffic generation right here on my blog. Once you have the traffic, you can build your list quickly, and over time. When you reach a high number of subscribers, you generate lots of return traffic because of the regular updates they receive from you.

Do you see why your rss list is extremely important now?

5 Money Making Methods

More and more people are looking to start a business now-a-days. Since job creation is still at a stand-still, and our future is uncertain, people have to adapt and create a future for themselves. Luckily, I got in on that early and have not had to struggle to find work. If you are one of those people that are struggling, there is no better time than now to create your own future.

To help you get started, I will provide you with 5 methods of making money from your very own home.

Start an actual service - I have coached and consulted many, and most of them want to make millions in the niche site market. The problem with that is that it takes time to build that kind of business. If however, you want to make money TODAY, then you can start by offering a service.

It is very easy to create a service based website. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, then you can always hire a web designer. But if you are in a slump and struggling, chances are that you cannot afford to go that route. You can however, afford a cheap hostgator account, and you know how to click buttons right? Hostgator offers one-click installs for many web platforms including but not limited to WordPress. You can even find open-source designs that you can customize with your name and logo.

Setting up your website is simple. After that, you only need to imput information about your service and your experience in that industry along with some contact information.
When you have your service-based website up and running, it is easy to get traffic to it. Sign up with services like MerchantCircle.com and utilize Craigslist. You would also do good to promote your site with blog hopping and guest posting, as if you were promoting your blog. The same marketing rules apply, as well as the same traffic benefits.

You can use PayPal, AlertPay, or Google Checkout to accept payments. When offering a service, be warned. Make sure you receive a payment in full or at least with a down payment to avoid possible fraud. If you accept checks or money orders through the email, or echeck payments, make sure they clear before starting work or you can end up wasting a lot of time with the wrong customers that have bad intentions.


  • Services are the fastest way to make money online. If you don’t believe me, go to Craigslist and look under the gigs section to see how many people post their needs daily.
  • Services can be sold worldwide right from your own home. With the use of the internet, and merchant services that allow credit cards and other payment transfer, there is no good reason why you can’t make money online.
  • Services can result in word-of-mouth. Provide the best service that you can, and your customers will tell others about it.

Setup niche websites - As I said before, this takes time to build. But there is no reason you can’t do this while you are working your full time job, or while you are being paid for services. Over time, niche sites will rake in some decent dough.

A niche website is easy to start. You can find a popular niche with Market Samurai, other tools, or good ole’ fashioned manual research. Once you have your niche, you simply setup your website. Again, if you have hostgator this can be a one-click process. The content of the website itself should be rich with keywords, and using lots of related words to show the pages relevance to search engines.

When your niche site is up, you can link to it via your social network profiles and any other sites you have. You can also submit it to directories. Once it’s linked from somewhere, Google will find it. Work on inbound links, and get the site paying some money. Don’t look for riches with one site though. Accept only a handful of dollars a month from a single site, and proceed to create more niche websites with unique content. It will all add up to a respectable income.


  • Niche sites can make little money by themselves, but pay your entire collection of bills when added up together. You want more than a few niche sites to make it work.
  • Once you setup the first niche site, and promote it with articles and other methods, don’t hesitate to get started on the next one. If you can do 5 per week or so, you will have good momentum going for yourself and the money will come in faster than you can imagine.
  • Niche sites can make money even if the niche is competitive. Don’t leave a niche on the table because you think it’s too hard to monetize.

Blogging income - As you know, this is one thing I like to do. I make a great income from this very blog, and I work entirely from home. As I sit here now, I sent my family off for the weekend on vacation while I relax with peace and quiet.

The success of a blog comes with lots of content and traffic. If you are capable of creating unique content on a regular basis, networking with others, and being consistent, then you can earn a living blogging for income.

When blogging, leverage is key. Make sure you solicit guest posts so that you can get others to provide unique content for you. Guest post on other high traffic blogs to leverage their traffic to trickle down to yours.

Blogging income comes from many methods. Those include affiliate marketing, CPA, AdSense, ad sales, paid reviews, and offering services on your blog. Make sure you have a good blend of those so you are not relying on a single money source.

Once you have a few hundred blog posts, you should have a steady flow of traffic from Google alone. But that does not mean you can skimp on the other traffic methods that you picked up along the way. The more traffic your blog gets, the merrier.


  • Make sure that you write regular content. You can even schedule content ahead of time to be safe, and still update your blog while you are on vacation because it is automated.
  • Utilize guest posts to avoid burnout. You do not want to abandon your blog because you can lose progress if you do.
  • Don’t quit your day job waiting on money from blogging. It can take a year or two before you see a respectable income, or you may never get an income if you make mistakes.

Membership sites - I am saying membership sites, but that is not the only thing I mean here. A membership site is where you provide information or a set of tools, and it’s updated regularly. People will pay a monthly or yearly membership to access what you offer.

I like to also include other kinds of websites when I say membership sites. For example, you might have a real estate classifieds, or freelancer website. These kinds of websites make money from customer payments, and can build a large group of clientel.

To start a membership site, you can find turnkey scripts all over the internet. You can also use member plugins with WordPress and other software for the traditional membership subscription site types.


  • With membership sites, it’s a numbers game. Work on getting lots of members. You don’t have to charge $100 a month to make money. You can charge $9.95 and it will add up with a good amount of members.
  • Update your member sites regularly. If the site is informational, your members will want to see lots of new information all the time or they may not see a value in their subscription.

Ecommerce is easy - It may not sound simple with stories about all of those late night infomercial ripoffs out there. But keep in mind that selling stuff online is pretty simple with the right knowledge.

You can sell products from dropshippers, and use open-source (free) software for the shopping cart. If you decide to make products by hand though, you can use resources like Etsy.com to help you sell them.

With ecommerce, all you need is a product and some traffic. Building traffic to an ecommerce site is the same as if you were promoting a blog or service based website. Aim for real traffic rather than paying someone for “shortcuts”. In the long-run, you will save your money and earn even more by doing things the right way.


  • Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that customers will simply find your website when they want to buy. Put your website out there on a regular basis with the various marketing methods found all over this blog.
  • You can use services like Adwords, but be careful not to experiment with them if you are new to this kind of business. You can end up spending money without an ROI if you don’t know how to manage a campaign.
  • Don’t rely on your ecommerce site alone. You can also sell on Ebay, Amazon, and other sites to help move product.

Opportunities are everywhere

It is easier to make money online than it is to find a decent job. Don’t let the stress of your current situation prevent you from pushing forward with a plan of action. The time is now. Back when I was a kid, I always dreamed about working for myself. It wasn’t until I was 21 before I made it happen. That was 3 years past the goal that I set for myself. The only reason I started late was because I lacked the knowledge to make it happen. There is no reason for that to be an issue for you.

Using SEO for Practical Online Marketing

Google Using SEO For Practical Online MarketingSearch engine optimization is more important today than it ever was. There are those out there that will disagree, but as a marketing professional, I rely on hands-on knowledge rather than industry gossip.

Without search engine optimization and search engine marketing, a company can easily end up going out of business before they get their feet off the ground. That’s why every internet marketing campaign should include the search engines.

I am providing this as a general article rather than blogger-specific because many bloggers end up getting into the niche website business. This article will benefit everyone looking for information on search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Onsite seo factors that matter

The following issues must be taken care of before the offsite marketing can commence.

Meta Tags - While many seo professionals (and I use that term loosely) would disagree, meta tags still matter. As a matter of fact, they matter now more than they used to. While it used to be easy to manipulate the serps with meta tags alone, that is no longer the case. Your meta tags can make or break your results however. It is a must that your keywords and descriptions match the page that they are on. Mismatching these items can result in a penalty. Not having the tags can also hurt your site. Matching them however, can result in a boost in your results.

Alt Tags - If your images are lacking alt tags, then you are leaving a huge seo item off the table. You will also hurt your rankings by not using the alt tags. Search engines like to know what an image is saying to the real people viewing your page.

It also helps the blind with accessibility because of text-to-speech technology that is available today. Having alt tags will increase your visibility in the search engines, and perhaps some directories.

Keyword-Rich URLs - Those dynamic urls that look ugly at the top of your browser aren’t as bad as they used to be. Search engines have come a long way since php and other languages were introduced. But it is still a must that dynamic urls get changed to be search engine friendly.

It is important that keywords are introduced into the urls of the pages they are relevant to. This makes it look as if your dynamic website were actually static html. There are plugins and modules for many scripts that are available, and provide this seo-friendly functionality.

Anchor Text - The anchor text is all of that text which is linked. For example, if a link said “click here”, then the words “click here” are the anchor text. Of course, click here is not a good keyword.

It is important to use keywords in your anchor text that match the page or website they are linking to. An example of this would be if you were linking to a website about Michael Jackson Memorabilia, then you would probably want to use that as the anchor text.

Using anchor text that matches the content of the actual link will benefit you by telling search engines that your website is as relevant as it gets. Avoid using general keywords like click here when linking to something.

Anchor text works for both internal links, and external links. If you are doing onsite optimization, you want to link to pages on your site using keyword-rich anchor text. If you are a web designer and have multiple services, then you want to link to the service pages like this… Graphic Design; Web Design; PHP Development; etc. Those are keyword rich anchor text linking to relevant pages, and are more likely to help you rather than using a general term.

Outbound Links - Outbound links matter a lot. Anchor text is just one issue you need to consider. More importantly, never link to another website that you feel is questionable. Also, it would be wise to not link to unrelated websites. Linking to a website that turns out to be bad can end up costing you. Remember, you are the one that’s vouching for them, so you are responsible if they do something bad in the eyes of Google.

Offsite seo factors that matter

Article Marketing - There are many websites out there that allow you to publish articles with author links back to your website. Some of them will allow keyword rich anchor text to be used in those one-way links to your website too.

Social Networking - Google relies on social networks to tell them how popular a blog or website is. For example, if there are 20,000 tweets on an article, it has more social network weight than one with a hundred tweets.

It is wise to sign up with all of the major social networks. They not only provide backlinks and provide traffic, but the shares actually matter more than you can imagine.

Social Bookmarking - Social bookmarks are similar to what social networks do for you. It shows Google your popularity. Sites like Digg and StumbleUpon are a couple of the majors, and a must-have in your search engine marketing arsenal.

Video Marketing - Youtube is a very important tool to utilize when marketing. When you create a video, you can benefit from the traffic that Youtube already has, but also get some good links through your video description.

Video marketing is more than link building though. You can use it to generate a crazy amount of traffic. If a video goes viral, it can really explode your traffic and result in many people linking to you on their own websites.

Link Building - This can be done in many ways. The best way is through one-way links rather than reciprocal linking campaigns. To build links, you can do many things including but not limited to:

  • Directory Submissions
  • Forum Participation
  • Blog-Hopping
  • Guest Blogging
  • Link Baiting
  • Web Template Sponsorship

Direction submissions are easy, but can be very tedious work. You can find a good list of directories that are free by doing a quick Google search for “free directories” or something similar. If you have an auto-fill feature on your browser, then the work can become easier for you over time.

Forum participation is tough to get going because you have to establish yourself on a forum as a decent contributor rather than a newbie spammer. Take part in actual topics on the forums, and only include your link in your forum signature. I promise you will get traffic this way.

Blog hopping is something I do often. Commenting on an article on a blog is a great way to get backlinks and traffic. Make sure you actually contribute with a thoughtful comment, and not just a “me too” comment. You want to get links and traffic, not blocked.

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get backlinks, and a ton of traffic. You are establishing yourself as an expert this way, and putting yourself out there in a manner that gets results.

Guesting on some blogs can also result in your article being copied across the net with your link in-tact which results in even more backlinks. I have had every guest post on ProBlogger copied against their rules, but I still benefitted from the stolen article. It’s when people steal and take off your link that you should be offended and in pursuit of justice.

Link baiting is all about writing in a way that turns an article into a viral machine. Such things can happen with resource posts where you link to a lot of useful resources that people just can’t resist referencing.

If you use something like Ninja Affiliate when linking to outside resources, you can easily change those links in the future to ensure they never become broken links.

Web template sponsorship is a trick I have had up my sleeve for years. As a web designer, I have been able to create some nice templates, and offer them under the Creative Commons license for free as long as my designer credit remained in place in the footer. This allowed me to get backlinks using the anchor text that I desired. People love free!

If you want to jump in one template sponsorship, I actually offer the service of designing such templates with your link credit in the footer.

Remember that seo matters

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg. When done correctly, seo can transform your website into a money-making machine. Whether you just want to collect leads, or you want to generate an affiliate revenue, seo will decide how effective you are in your pursuits.

Looking for local search engine marketing? Try Leads2LocalSearch.com and increase business by over 300-1,000%

How Much of My Marketing Budget Should Go Towards Online Marketing?

Marketing Budget 300x172 How Much of My Marketing Budget Should Go Towards Online Marketing?Marketing today isn’t what it used to be. As a matter of fact, online marketing has taken over in many different industries. Advertising in general is one of those industries. To understand this, take a look at the phone book. How many of you actually use on? Most people go right to Google or some other source and look up information.

I am not saying that you should have your business in the phone book, or ignore offline marketing methods completely. That would be crazy. Just because you have a ton of people moving towards the internet doesn’t mean you want to leave out the millions that still view other advertisements. I still get popular science magazine and look at the ads in the back, because they are just cool! What I am saying is that your budget should edge towards internet marketing.

Some of the paid marketing methods online that will help establish your brand and bring you traffic and sales are:

  • Google Adwords – This is something you most likely know about. But did you know that you should combine your PPC (pay per click) campaign with a good CPM (cost per thousand impressions) campaign as well? The difference is that the CPM only allows you to advertise on the network. That means any website that published Google Adsense is a potential target for your ads. The thing I love about CPM is that I can target my ads for a specific website, and in many cases, different spaces on that website. You can end up paying $3 for a thousand ad impressions compared to $3 for a single click. What if you get 40 clicks from that same $3?
  • Facebook Ads – Another program that allows you to target a specific demographic. Facebook ads are very effective because pretty much every type of person uses the website. Just like with Adwords, you can probably find a coupon code online for $50 in free advertising too!
  • BuySellAds.com – This site is an ad network, and a lot of bloggers use them to sell ad space. You can find different niche blogs on there with different ad spaces and sizes available. Their stats always seem to be off on the blog’s traffic, Twitter followers, and Alexa Traffic Rank, but that’s not a huge deal. The ad spaces can be worth it.

raven affiliate take back time campai 04 How Much of My Marketing Budget Should Go Towards Online Marketing?

  • OIOPublisher – Not only is it the BEST plugin EVER for selling direct ad space on your blog, but they have a marketplace on their site that lists the many blogs using the plugin so you can advertise on them based on your target niche.
  • Fiverr.com – This website is brilliant! You can hire people for anything on there. You can find people to create text or video reviews raving about your business. You can find people who will post positive reviews about you on their established blogs. You can find people who will take care of the tedious tasks of getting Twitter followers and Facebook likes for you. The list is endless, and each will only cost you $5!
  • Paid Blog Reviews – You can actually pay blogs (like mine – see:advertising page) to write reviews about your product or service. Look for the blogs (like mine) that provide true and tested reviews though with objectivity. If I have cons that go with the pros for your product or service, then it will only work in your favor. Trust me. The quality reviews actually cost more though. Take for example my blog. I charge $500 for a paid review here, and I only allow one paid review per month. This adds to a paid review’s legitimacy. If you go for a $20 paid review on a respectable blog, chances are that they do those in volume and will have less of an impact for your business.

I only listed a few things here, but trust me when I tell you that there are tons of great ways to create an online marketing campaign. Some of the good ones cost a pretty penny, and should account for the majority of your paid marketing budget. But don’t let that stop you from utilizing the many free internet marketing methods to drive traffic and leads to your business.

To find some of those free marketing methods, simply hop around this blog and blink. I have tons of free tips on here. Don’t forget to subscribe to my rss feeds!

Drop a comment below and tell me how much you spend on internet marketing.

Tips for Launching an Established Blog

Launching a blog is always exciting, but it’s also stressful because you know how tough it’s going to be establishing it. What if I told you that you can establish the blog on day #1 and it will only cost you $50?

There is this wonderful little tool I like to call Fiverr.com, where you can hire anyone to do pretty much anything for $5. Some of these things include internet marketing, article writing, etc.

Fiverr1 300x206 Tips for Launching an Established Blog

If you were to hire a few people on Fiverr right after you launch your blog, you can have immediate traffic, blog comments, and backlinks before you know it. It’s important to get things done of value though. You don’t want to hire someone to get you “traffic” because there is a good chance that they will be using a fake traffic software that’s only meant to inflate your statistics. You want REAL traffic, such as that brought on from social networks.

A few of the things that bring real traffic from Fiverr professionals include but are not limited to (these are real Fiverr.com listings I have seen):

  • 33 StumbleUpons.
  • Posting your link on a Facebook Page wall with 30,000 likes.
  • Guaranteed 500 Facebook Fan Page likes.
  • Tweeting your url 1,000 times in 50 Twitter accounts over the course of a week.

These are just a few of the services that people post on Fiverr.com.

While everything sounds great, it isn’t always so. I have had some great providers on Fiverr.com, but I have also had some disappointments. One disappoint was when I hired someone to post my link on their Facebook Page wall, but they accepted too many jobs at once and my link disappeared from the top within seconds.

To ensure you are getting a good service, check the listing and see if there are any previous customer reviews for that particular service. If there aren’t any at all, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad service. It just means that it either hasn’t sold yet, or the buyer wasn’t polite enough to rate the service. But you may come across listings with negative reviews. In that case, at least you checked and saved yourself $5.

I always go for the services that aren’t over-hyped. For example, why would I go for a “traffic” service when I can get 33 StumbleUpons for 33 different blog posts of mine? Or 33 StumbleUpons from 33 different accounts on the same blog post? That’s more likely to drive real traffic to my blog.

getimage.asp?m=2642&o=3882&i=47643 Tips for Launching an Established Blog

You can also hire someone to post legitimate comments on your blog. When I say legitimate, I mean they actually read the post and comment on it with something valuable to say. You can get comments by blog hopping and guest posting too, but why not supplement it on a new blog with zero traffic?

When all is said and done, you can get some serious action on your brand spankin’ new blog by spending $50 out of pocket. It is definitely worth the money.

Do you use Fiverr.com?

Guest Blogging Contest: Win 50 Ad Banners

It’s been a little while since I held a guest blogging contest, so I wanted to make this unique. So the prize this time is going to be 50 custom designed ad banners to help you promote your blog or website.

The cool thing is that I am going to allow the winner to specify the ad sizes they want designed. You can see some 468×60 banner ads here. You may not want all 468×60, but rather a mix between that and 250×250, Skyscrapers, etc.

To win this contest, you have to get the most legitimate comments on your guest posts. The more guest posts you have published on this blog, the likelier you are to get the most comments on a single guest post.

I will be cross-promoting all of the guest posts by blog hopping and linking to them in CommentLuv areas, and I will be promoting each of them on my social networking accounts. In addition, while I am getting more guest posts here, I will be guest posting on other blogs such as ProBlogger to drive even more traffic to this blog. This will help you even more.

So let’s get the entries. If you already have a contributor account here, login and start submitting your best materials! If you don’t, then visit the guest posting page to learn the requirements and contact me to setup a contributor account for you.

The deadline for final comments is April 15th, 2011. Good luck!

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