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Ummm… News, duh!

Society of Balance


Tweet For a couple of years, I have been developing a secret society behind the scenes. When you think “secret society”, you would never imagine one actually coming out with information to share with others….but this is different. Society of Balance a.k.a. S.O.B. is a worldwide secret society which is dedicated to the members-helping-members philosophy. […]

House Bill 3659 Passes, Amazon Affiliates Canned


Tweet I just received an email from Governor Quinn’s office stating that House Bill 3659 was signed into law. This means that I will shortly be receiving an email from Amazon notifying me that my affiliate account is being terminated. Oh well, Illinois loses tax money because the Government wanted to get greedy and it backfired. […]

How Amazon & I Just Got Screwed by State Government


Tweet Just 5 minutes ago, I received an email from Amazon. To my surprise, it was an email informing me that thanks to the Illinois Government, Amazon will likely terminate my associates account. The reason? A new tax scheme that basically aims to eliminate affiliate programs. See the details here. Note that if my Governor […]

Newsgrape Will Change EVERYTHING You Know About Publishing!


Tweet What if you could have gotten in on the ground floor of YouTube? What if I were to give you that chance right this very moment? This will change EVERYTHING! We all know the impact that blogs have had on traditional media. Newspapers are obsolete, and magazines are nearly obsolete. Any newspaper or magazine […]

Help a Person in Need… Firefighters Won’t!


Tweet I was inspired to write this post because of a Yahoo! News article I read late last night when I should have been sleeping. But the title of that article just caught my eye because it made me think I was in Iran or some other 3rd world country where people don’t understand what […]

Debra Opri on Prop 8


Tweet About Prop 8 Was passed in Nov 2008, overturned because of group activists through entire state, Aug. 4 Judge Vaughn Walker asked CA to recognize gay relationships for what they are and issued a “stay” of allowing marriages expected to be overturned Allows CA to fulfill constitutional obligation to provide marriages on equal basis […]

Did You See Debra Opri on CNN Tonight?


Tweet This is off-topic, but there is a celebrity attorney I follow to stay up to date on the latest Hollywood cases. Debra Opri is a high profile lawyer and regular analyst for CNN. She has been on the Joy Behar show, and tonight she appeared on Jane Velez-Mitchell to discuss a few major stories […]

Self Hosted Blog, or You Will Be Shut Down!


Tweet The other day I came across this news item that was in my Alexa toolbar. It was about U.S. authorities shutting down a WordPress host with 73,000 blogs. The thing is this.. The host was shut down because of the number of blogs on that server that shared torrent links for movie downloads. I […]

How to Find High-End Customers


Tweet The high end customers are basically the customers with the most amount of money. These are the ones that will pay $5,000+ for a simple product or service. Of course, the product or service must match what the average high end customer is looking for. To find out what a high end customer is […]

Breaking News: Giant Vacuum Cleans Up Oil Spill Disaster


Tweet Breaking News: Giant Vacuum Cleans Up Oil Spill Disaster! Ok, not really. But it would make sense to do that right? All of this oil spilling into the open sea, and all they can come up with is a stupid box that’s supposed to catch and store oil. But what if they simply set […]

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