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Debra Opri on Prop 8


Tweet About Prop 8 Was passed in Nov 2008, overturned because of group activists through entire state, Aug. 4 Judge Vaughn Walker asked CA to recognize gay relationships for what they are and issued a “stay” of allowing marriages expected to be overturned Allows CA to fulfill constitutional obligation to provide marriages on equal basis […]

Did You See Debra Opri on CNN Tonight?


Tweet This is off-topic, but there is a celebrity attorney I follow to stay up to date on the latest Hollywood cases. Debra Opri is a high profile lawyer and regular analyst for CNN. She has been on the Joy Behar show, and tonight she appeared on Jane Velez-Mitchell to discuss a few major stories […]

How to Find High-End Customers


Tweet The high end customers are basically the customers with the most amount of money. These are the ones that will pay $5,000+ for a simple product or service. Of course, the product or service must match what the average high end customer is looking for. To find out what a high end customer is […]

Pamela Anderson Is BROKE!!


Tweet Have you heard? Pamela Anderson is a bit broke. She has a huge tax bill coming up, and a ton of debt. She owes $493,000 in back taxes and $1,000,000 or so to a contractor. This kind of thing just surprises me. If I had those millions, I would ensure that I will not […]

Taking on New Clients


Tweet I am currently accepting new big name clients for pr campaigns. When I say big name clients, I mean that you must be a celebrity, ceo, or another well known name. The services I am open for at the moment is internet pr campaigns: damage control, brand promotion, event marketing, etc. Again you MUST […]

When Celebrities Go Broke


Tweet You have seen it over and over throughout the years. MC Hammer, Mike Tyson, and others that have spent more than they make. The problem isn’t actually with their spending. It is with their choice of (or lack of) investments. There are certain sure things in this world. One of them being that there […]

Perez Hilton, and TMZ… TWO Stupid Sources.


Tweet I would like to challenge Perez Hilton, and TMZ to actually come up with something newsworthy, and do it without spreading crap gossip to the masses. My celebrity PR consulting is something that is not mentioned in the press. It is a pretty well kept secret even though I have been doing it for […]

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