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5 Ways You Annoy Me in Social Networks


Tweet Today I log into Facebook and I am instantly hit with a stack of notifications. I scroll down and find the usual. My sister’s birthday is today. I comment with a happy birthday and an elderly joke. I see new comments on items I commented on, or items I liked. I see people have […]

Sorry iPhone & Android Users for What I’m About to Do


Tweet This means war. By this, I mean the total disregard by companies for BlackBerry users. I am, and always will be a BlackBerry loyalist. I love my Torch 9800 with a touchscreen and slide-out full size qwerty keyboard. The suicide inducing Apple devices will never be obtained with my money. I know…who cares right? […]

FREE Coaching for a C# Developer


Tweet I just invested in a Windows server, and I’m looking for a C# developer to teach me .Net for web development. I like to learn by doing and asking questions, in that order, so I am bartering. My offer is to teach you how to make money online from home, in exchange for your […]

Truths About Me: The Brandon Connell Self-Interview


Tweet It’s been forever since I have done any interviews, or even written anything about myself personally. I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself to any new readers, and perhaps provide an insight into new information for my loyal older readers and subscribers. If you have any questions after reading, feel […]

My Comeback & Reasons for My Vacation


Tweet In case you haven’t noticed, I have not been posting on my blog lately. Ever since my trip to Atlanta, I have been busy building my new business @, and that takes a lot of time and money. The new business offers clients a 300-1,0000% increase in business, and the target market is […]

My Switch to Adsense and CPA


Tweet Yesterday after I received the email from Pat Quinn’s office, and then shortly after from Amazon notifying me that my associates account will be terminated on April 15th, I decided it was a good idea to change my focus. Rather than incorporate in a tax friendly state and push more Amazon ad placements, I […]

Are You Over-Using Video in Your Blog Posts?


Tweet I have been finding a lot of blogs these days that post videos. Normally, that’s not an issue. However, when video becomes your entire blog post, you can almost guarantee that you will lose readers. I mean, you can’t really be a reader if you are watching a video now can you? The reason […]

Some Updates to This Blog


Tweet In case you haven’t noticed, I had the blog on maintenance for a day because I transferred it to a new server. By doing this, I am saving $85 per month. Unfortunately, as with any website transfer of a site this size, problems are going to arise. One such problem is that the forum […]

New Sales Position Open


Tweet I normally post this information on the careers page of my web design company, but this time I am posting it here because it is a commission based sales job. I am very generous with my commission sales positions, and I give you 50% of the initial cost for search engine optimization with a […]

Guest Post for Adsense Revenue Sharing


Tweet I have just decided to make this a revenue sharing blog. From now on, any guest post that appears here will have adsense displayed. This means that by guest posting on this blog, you will earn an adsense revenue share and benefit from my traffic. The reason I added this was to add incentive […]

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