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Hey everyone. I have been very busy lately with lots of things going on. I am just stopping in now to tell you about my new talk show “Act on Fact” which will be airing on YouTube very soon. Topics include politics, breaking news, medical breakthroughs, science and technology, funny stories and much more.

The show will be airing soon, so subscribe to the channel at and get notified when it goes live!

Can You Help Me Find This Disease Outbreak Movie?

doomsday movie poster 150x150 Can you help me find this disease outbreak movie?I have been thinking about movies I have seen in the past and want to watch on Netflix again. One movie that came up was a sci-fi/action movie with the virus outbreak theme to it. It is not that old at all. It was in 2000 something. I believe it was within the last 5 years. It was about a woman and her team (military maybe) that go into the sealed walls around a city to see what was left of everything and everyone.

Apparently, everyone inside the walls mutated. They were cannibals, but they talked normal like regular humans. I can’t think of the name of this movie to save my life. I am hoping my readers will know. Just feel free to spew whatever virus outbreak movie comes to mind below. I will let you know when I find the right answer.


Utilizing my internet research skills, I have found the movie in question! It is called Doomsday and it was released in 2008. Here is a link to the IMDB listing for the film.

This movie is great! You have to see it. I put it in my Netflix queue and unfortunately it is not available for instant streaming icon sad Can you help me find this disease outbreak movie?

Here is a quick synopsis for Doomsday:

In an apocalyptic vision of the future, authorities brutally quarantine Scotland as it succumbs to fear and chaos when a virus strikes. The literal walling-off works for three decades – until the dreaded Reaper virus violently resurfaces in London. An elite group of specialists, captained by Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra), is urgently dispatched into the still-quarantined country to retrieve a cure by any means necessary. Shut off from the rest of the world, the unit must battle through a landscape that has become a waking nightmare. Now, 27 years after the epidemic, groups of survivors are marauding through the streets of Glasgow and the virus has surfaced outside the wall. The British P.M., John Hatcher (Alexander Siddig), and his ruthless chief advisor, Michael Canaris (David O’Hara), have decided to send a covert team into Scotland to search for a cure. On the recommendation of Chief of Police Bill Nelson (Bob Hoskins), Eden is a no-nonsense cop who was evacuated from Scotland as a child. She is told to seek out a scientist named Kane (Malcolm McDowell), who is the most likely survivor to possess the cure. Once within the containment zone, however, she finds that such a task will not be easily accomplished. There are two barbaric factions at war – one led by Kane and the other by his son, Sol (Craig Conway) – and both want Sinclair and her compatriots dead.

Now I can rest in piece knowing I have figured out an important part of my past, lol. But let’s keep this discussion going by posting a comment below with your favorite disease epidemic movie! Give me some suggestions on cool films to check out.

One Magic Bean

Bean 150x150 One Magic BeanThis is a guest post by Bob DiPasquale from and I thought I should publish it because we all need a break from the norm. - Brandon

Well here it goes.  This is my first ever ‘guest post” so strap yourself in.  I wrote a book as my legacy for my kids once titled “Don’t Hide When Your Pants are Full”, but guest posting I have to figure means stepping it up a bit.  The ironic thing is I’m writing blog content about a lack of expertise.  That’s like racing Yugo’s,  or sugar free cake… it’s just not right.
So let me tell you why I’m here.  I have a good job with a large computer company where I’ve been working since I was eighteen years old.  I’m a mostly self taught application developer / database guy that would really much rather be making a living writing for David Lettermen.  So at fifty years old, married, with one daughter just heading off to college and another two years away, it’s not really like I could walk away from my job.  But there’s this thing I know you’ve all heard of called the internet.  I put my creative mind to work and I think I’ve come up with a really good website idea.

I created a site where members participate in both judging and submitting to a daily cartoon caption contest.  While all that fun is going on, I measure the popularity of each member’s caption as well as give them bonus points for selecting the most popular of their choices when they are voting.  This allows me to give every member a number between 1 and 200 that I call their humorq.  So my slogan is “How funny are you?  …. We put a number on it.”  I have no trouble visioning the day when someone’s HumorQ is asked for on their marketing firm job application,  I know we live in a world that is sliding the importance bar away from logical and more towards creative thinking, and what better time for a tool to measure creativity. I’m really excited about the potential growth of this concept since it makes sense to me that it should grow exponentially at a certain exposure level.

Alas, I could be wrong about that.  I’m not the internet marketing guy, some of you are.  I can’t really risk too much of my savings until I see more promise, so now I’m looking at how do you get something like this started with very little investment.   I feel like I just invented a perfect solar powered car in Seattle.  It’s like I’m holding an armful of ice cream cones and the kids are out in a boat.  I’m starting my research, and I see blogging and guest blogging as one method.  I know a bit about SEO.  There’s a whole world of social networking that seems to have eluded me.  So where’s the bang for the buck?  Where does a husband, father, charity founder, and full time IBMer, find time to change the world with a caption contest?

I guess right now I’m like Jack, but I still have the cow and I’ve stumbled on to one magic bean.  I’m very confused.  I can hear the golden goose up there, but I can hear the Fi Fye thing too.  I’ve apparently turned down a yellow bricked road called “Guest Post”, and wondering if the host might correct that to be “Dumasa Post”.  How do you people keep it all together, and what do you do to little dreamers like me?

Since I have a minimum of thirty two words left, I’d like to take this time to thank Brandon who appears to have the cow, the stalk, the goose, and probably the Fi Fye guy to change light bulbs.  All the best!

Massive Scare as Ghostbusters Storm NY Library

This is what happens when ghosts attack.

My New Book Is in Progress

I have been mulling over a new topic to write about in the form of a print book. I have decided that it would be an extensive book on blogging. I have already started my new book and expect to be finished with my manuscript in 3 months.

The book will cover every subject imaginable including (but not limited to) blog origin, setup, design, marketing, and monetizing. This will be the most extensive book on blogging guaranteed.

If you would like to suggest subjects for this book, you still have lots of time. Post right here and I will be happy to include it if I hadn’t already.

Free Cable Anyone?

I had an idea. I was recently watching a television with one of those digital converter boxes, and an antenna, and I noticed how choppy the signal could be. It got me to thinking creatively, and I came up with an idea that might save television.

If you have been keeping up with the news, it appears that more and more people are disconnecting their cable in exchange for the antenna in order to save money. This means that the networks are losing some serious money, and so are the cable companies. What if the cable companies decided to hook up homes with free cable? They can charge the networks a fee to broadcast to those homes, and make their money that way. The TV networks will gain those eyes back, and their value would go up to advertisers.

In addition to the free cable tv, they can offer free internet and provide forced ads every hour to the internet user. They will earn their revenue through the advertising.

At the rate that cable is being dropped from American households, they will soon tank to nothingness. They need to make radical changes in order to survive.

Boobs Create Earthquakes! Oh NO!

Did you hear the one about the Iranian cleric who made a comment that cleavage was the cause of earthquakes? Ok, well this isn’t a joke. It really happened. The American response? Boobquake. Capitalism at it’s best. See the Facebook page here. I recently “liked” it.

Now watch all the people come together as boobs create world peace.

Now if all country music was like this, I would not despise it so much. People, I can’t make this stuff up. Apparently, after the Facebook page took off and women started showing more cleavage, there was a 6.5 magnitude earthquake somewhere. I am hoping for a 10.0.

Normally when I get sent an invite to a bunch of causes, I hit the ignore button. I don’t need a bunch of spam coming my way. But this is a cause I can believe in and support.

Your Marketing Is Boring

Marketing campaigns are important, but sometimes it just isn’t enough to get out there and spread the word. Without a unique marketing plan, your brand can get blended in with thousands of other companies.

I like to think of marketing as being creative. You can create a huge marketing campaign with absolutely no budget whatsoever. How you ask? Well, do you remember that time when those two guys got in trouble for leaving a device in a public place, and everyone panicked and thought it was a terrorist attempt? They were being creative. It was the public that was too stupid to take interest in the actual device, and they decided to turn it into something it was not.

How about the time when you may have come across a bald dude with a tattoo on his head that looked like a tv commercial? That kind of advertising turns heads (no pun intended). There are actually people out there who offer to tattoo their heads for cash. It’s just a matter of finding them which should be rather easy. Just post an ad on Craigslist with the offer.

Creative marketing can turn viral, and what makes it viral is the word-of-mouth it creates. You just need a brainstorming session and a brain. It is ok to fail at your efforts in order to learn what works and what does not through trial and error.

453984281 8b1bb05927 300x221 Your marketing is boringBeing viral is important especially when you have a tiny to non-existent budget. See the crowd walking into the giant butthole? Talk about viral icon smile Your marketing is boring and a bit nasty. But it works. Even if there wasn’t print on that big cheek, people would line up to walk into the crevice because they want to know what’s going on.

I have a good way of coming up with ideas. It is to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up, and think about how you can use them in your marketing efforts. I wish I could do that, but I rarely remember even having dreams anymore.

I am sure that with a little effort, you can create the next amazing marketing idea. I am sure I will see it out there soon.

When Stupid Shows Get Cancelled

I get very excited when stupid shows go off the air. It means that it makes room for the possibility of a good show being introduced. Stupid shows are those that don’t really hold an interest.

Here is a list of shows I consider stupid:

  • Lost
  • Brothers & Sisters
  • Ugly Betty
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Heroes
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • ER
  • Glee
  • One Tree Hill
  • Parenthood
  • Trauma
  • Mercy
  • The Sopranos
  • Law & Order
  • American Idol
  • Dancing With The Stars
  • America’s Got Talent

This is just a short list. Some have been canceled, and some need to be canceled. My wife watches some of these, and when she does, I feel like a prisoner in my own home. I work on my laptop in the living room where the television is located. It is hard to avoid suffering through the crap that comes on tv.

I can include a bad list without including a list of shows that I love. I have to list shows that are long gone as well because unfortunately, there isn’t too many good ones on primetime these days. Here is that list:

  • House
  • Bones
  • Simpsons
  • The new Knight Rider (canceled)
  • Highlander The Series
  • The Listener
  • Smallville
  • MacGyver

I can only hope that the bad list will be replaced with great shows rather than ratings fillers and horrible experiments which seems to be the norm with tv networks these days.

10 Old Television Shows That You Should Watch

Born in 1981, I have lived through a good number of great tv shows as a kid. I thought I would include a list of my favorite 10 and hope that they can become your favorites as well. I will do this in a countdown to my #1 favorite.

#10) Viper – This was a good show. It followed the path of Knight Rider with a cool car. This one transformed though to provide shielding and offroad capabilities. It has weapons and can stop a car with some sort of electromagnetic pulse. The car belonged to a secret group fighting crime.

#9) Sliders – I loved this show, until they sold out and got rid of some very important main characters in the mid seasons, and the last season. I believe that if the producers left the show in the creators capable hands, it would have survived past 5 seasons. The show was about a nerd who accidentally transported a group of people through a dimensional portal and could not get them back to their own dimension. Each portal leads the group to a different version of earth.

#8) Star Trek TNG – This is my favorite version of Star Trek. It was a modernized version of the franchise with a great cast. They introduced some cool technology in this series, as well as some new enemies such as Q, and the Borg. I believe it went on for 7 seasons, and it has a few movies under it’s belt. The first of those movies, “generations”, meant total destruction of the Enterprise D which pissed me off a bit.

#7) Star Trek Voyager – Ok, yeah it’s another Star Trek. But this one even held the interest of my wife later on because it introduced a female captain. It also introduced the first Borg Starfleet crew member, and some new alien species to the mix. It is about the Voyager which gets stranded on the other side of the galaxy, and it will take them 70 years to get home at top speed. Of course they get delayed a bit with missions on the way back.

#6) MacGyver – One of my favorites. I loved this show and I got home from school just 15 minutes before it came on. I was home alone and sang along to the theme song. I loved the show because Mac could get out of any situation with a few materials around him. He could make weapons, or seal radiator leaks with eggs. This show was great. I wish there was a reliable source to watch it online. I think I saw it on CBS or something but the network had horrible streaming capabilities and the show keeps freezing and loading. Better to buy the series on dvd through Amazon.

#5) Quantum Leap – A show I watched religiously as a teenager. It was on late when I watched it and I had to fight with my parents to let me stay up until midnight to make it happen. This show is about Sam Beckett who is a scientist that gets trapped leaping back in time. He appears like another person in that time period and has to fix history for people. He had a holographic partner that gave him history updated and helped him out of bad situations.

#4) Knight Rider – KITT was my favorite car at that time. I loved how it could talk, and drive on it’s own. It was cutting edge back then, but outdated now. I believe one of the backstreet boys ended up buying the real life car. The good thing about this show is that they created a made for tv movie called Knight Rider 2000 which introduced a redesign of KITT. More recently, a new version of Knight Rider came out, but it has since been canceled for some stupid reason. I believe it was the best version of this series and should have lasted much longer. Give it to NBC to make some bad mistakes.

#3) Time Trax – You may or may not have heard of this one. It was a great show about a cop who goes back in time looking for stolen technology, and escaped criminals. He has a computer named Selma who is small like a credit card. She helps him out of bad situations. When he finds the criminals, he transports them back to the future where police are waiting for them.

#2) Lois & Clark – This was one of my favorite versions of Superman. It starred Dean Cane as clark/superman. I think it was better than Smallville, and the old superman shows. I wonder if I can find this on Netflix…

#1) Highlander: The Series – This is my all time favorite. You can find all 6 seasons on Netflix available for streaming right to your Wii or PS3. This series introduced Duncan McLeod (Adrian Paul) who’s character took over the franchise. I am currently watching it all over again and am on season 4. You can follow up the series with the movies also available for renting on Netflix. Highlander is about immortals who can only die when they get their head chopped off. They walk around with swords and fight each other to steal each others powers. In the end, there can be only one.

And there you have it. My top 10 favorite old television shows. I hope you enjoy these, and please feel free to mention shows I may have missed below!

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