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Category Archives: Personal Relationship

Blog posts about my relationship with my wife. Sorry honey-buns.

How to Give Up on Your Dreams


Tweet The idea of giving up on my dreams has crossed my mind every single day for 29 years. That’s my entire life. But it hasn’t crossed my mind in the way that you would think. When I thought about giving up on my dreams, my thoughts were “NEVER”, and that is how it has […]

Do Your Blog Relationships Extend Past the Web?


Tweet When I first started blogging, I knew that I might make a few blogging buddies here and there from all of the commenting and social networking. Creating real relationships with other bloggers is what makes you successful after all. But does there come a time when said relationship moves past the internet, and you […]

My Wife Is a Blogger Now!


Tweet Ok, so I managed to talk my wife into blogging. I set her up with a new WordPress blog today and she got a post up already. I am still working on some of the features, but it is ready for visits. Please show my wife some luv and check out her blog […]

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