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My Comeback & Reasons for My Vacation


Tweet In case you haven’t noticed, I have not been posting on my blog lately. Ever since my trip to Atlanta, I have been busy building my new business @, and that takes a lot of time and money. The new business offers clients a 300-1,0000% increase in business, and the target market is […]

Some Updates to This Blog


Tweet In case you haven’t noticed, I had the blog on maintenance for a day because I transferred it to a new server. By doing this, I am saving $85 per month. Unfortunately, as with any website transfer of a site this size, problems are going to arise. One such problem is that the forum […]

New Sales Position Open


Tweet I normally post this information on the careers page of my web design company, but this time I am posting it here because it is a commission based sales job. I am very generous with my commission sales positions, and I give you 50% of the initial cost for search engine optimization with a […]

Guest Post for Adsense Revenue Sharing


Tweet I have just decided to make this a revenue sharing blog. From now on, any guest post that appears here will have adsense displayed. This means that by guest posting on this blog, you will earn an adsense revenue share and benefit from my traffic. The reason I added this was to add incentive […]

How Amazon & I Just Got Screwed by State Government


Tweet Just 5 minutes ago, I received an email from Amazon. To my surprise, it was an email informing me that thanks to the Illinois Government, Amazon will likely terminate my associates account. The reason? A new tax scheme that basically aims to eliminate affiliate programs. See the details here. Note that if my Governor […]

Spam Will No Longer Be Approved


Tweet I didn’t want to post this, but I felt at this point that I had no choice. For my regulars, this has nothing to do with you so no worries. But for others, I have to warn you that you are wasting your time spamming this blog with keywords. What encouraged me to write […]

My New Blog Design. Want to Help?


Tweet I wanted to give everyone a teaser, or sneak peek at my new blog design that is coming soon. I also wanted to see if I can find a good coder that wants to benefit from helping me out. I do not have the time to code my new design. I spend a lot […]

Our New Blog… BEWARE!


Tweet What happens when Brandon Connell teams up with Alex Whalley and they are allowed to reproduce on the web? is what happens! I have been looking to start a new blog for some time now, but I knew I would need a partner. Who best that someone I deal with on a daily […]

What Can I Do for You?


Tweet Over the many months that I have been blogging, I have worked hard to produce content that I thought my readers would enjoy and learn something from. I have worked hard to produce content that hasn’t been said over and over because I like to think I say things in a very different way […]

Popular Demand: Ebook Writing


Tweet I have gotten a couple of requests for me to write ebooks on different niche topics. When the request came my way for the second time, I had an “AH HA!” moment. I am now offering my services as a professional writer to ghostwrite your ebooks. I will keep the cost at a minimal […]

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