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Why I Won’t Represent Kim Kardashian


Tweet As you know, I am a celebrity pr consultant. I handle their reputation management, and not only advise them on how to stay out of trouble, but how to repair it after they’ve gotten into it. You may think that with her recent fraud of a marriage, that she would be the perfect candidate […]

How Much of My Marketing Budget Should Go Towards Online Marketing?


Tweet Marketing today isn’t what it used to be. As a matter of fact, online marketing has taken over in many different industries. Advertising in general is one of those industries. To understand this, take a look at the phone book. How many of you actually use on? Most people go right to Google or […]

Online Reputation Management Issues?


Tweet For those of you who have been defamed online or know someone who has, there is a new site for you. Actually, it’s a blog and it will be updated regularly. This new blog was setup because there are unethical websites out there that prey on innocent victims. The bad thing is that there […]

Networking Secrets From a Celebrity Pr Consultant


Tweet Not too many people in my current life know exactly what I do for a living. That’s mainly because I don’t just bring it up in conversation. I used to be a recording artist with some decent credits. I since sort of retired from that. It was causing me to have severe depression. I […]

Marketing 101


Tweet Did you think that just because you built a website, people will start viewing it? No such luck. With the billions of websites out there, you need to really put yourself in front of peoples eyes in order to create website traffic. It is a tough road ahead, but once you are there it […]

How to Remove Defamation Online


Tweet You may be someone who posted some personal information online, and later regretted it. Or perhaps you are the victim of a blog author who wanted to get revenge for some reason or another. Maybe you are on the receiving end of a bad business transaction, and the other party posted your name on […]

Failure of Our Government to Protect It’s Citizens


Tweet As a marketing expert, I come across many people who wish to be “unfound”. They tend to have a blog out there, or other media outlet posting bad things about them. They come to me to ask how to get rid of these negative posts. Online reputation management is an entire industry that I […]

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