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Category Archives: spammers

Spam Will No Longer Be Approved


Tweet I didn’t want to post this, but I felt at this point that I had no choice. For my regulars, this has nothing to do with you so no worries. But for others, I have to warn you that you are wasting your time spamming this blog with keywords. What encouraged me to write […]

Spammers Made Me Add Captcha


Tweet Today I was forced to add a captcha system to my blog because of the same spammer that has been hitting me for days now. Every 10 minutes I would check and notice 2 or more spam comments filled with links to porn and reported attack sites. I decided to use the conditional captcha […]

Fellow Bloggers: BAN THIS I.P.


Tweet I was forced just now to ban an IP address for the first time on this blog. I am accustomed to a certain amount of daily spam, but this joker took the cake. This arsehole (no I’m not british) decided to spam me with over 30 comments in a row. Now only did he […]

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