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5 Ways You Annoy Me in Social Networks


Tweet Today I log into Facebook and I am instantly hit with a stack of notifications. I scroll down and find the usual. My sister’s birthday is today. I comment with a happy birthday and an elderly joke. I see new comments on items I commented on, or items I liked. I see people have […]

Cemented Pitch, Blackberry Theme


Tweet Just last week, my two new themes for Blackberry were published on App World. They are Cemented Pitch for Facebook, and Cemented Pitch for Twitter. These themes were created because I wanted to have Facebook integrated into my home screen of my Blackberry 9800 Torch, because the regular notifications sucked ass. With Cemented Pitch, […]

Tips for Launching an Established Blog


Tweet Launching a blog is always exciting, but it’s also stressful because you know how tough it’s going to be establishing it. What if I told you that you can establish the blog on day #1 and it will only cost you $50? There is this wonderful little tool I like to call, where […]

The Basics of Automation That Make Blogging Easier


Tweet Blogging is rediculously tough to get going to the point of regular traffic and monetization. So why make life even harder by not utilizing basic automation for tedious tasks? You need all of the time you can get to promote your blog, comment on others, and write great content (which comes first). I have […]

Building Massive Twitter Followers in 24 Hours


Tweet I have decided to use the past couple days working on my twitter followers. I have neglected it for some time, and determined it was the best social network to be influential when I need a huge influx of traffic in a short period of time. As an affiliate marketer, mass traffic is necessary […]

The Social Connection: One Feeds the Other


Tweet When you start out with social networks, you may be able to build up one much better than the other. I used to be a MySpace guy. I played Mobsters (which was addicting) and became an expert at getting friend adds so that I can build up my mob. I didn’t break that habit […]

Overlooking Twitter Features and Why You Missed Out


Tweet I have been using the wp to twitter plugin since I started my blog, but I havn’t utilized a great part of it until recently. As someone who does so much every single day, I sometimes miss a small detail. Unfortunately, this one was costly. The feature I am speaking of is the search […]

$30 Custom Twitter Designs


Tweet As you know, I love to design Twitter backgrounds. I offer some free ones on my site here. But I am also offering to design custom ones for $30 each. Each custom Twitter design will have a 24 hour turnaround. If interested, contact me at and tell me what you need. I accept […]

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