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ISPs Are Pulling a SOPA


Tweet They’re selling us out. Just weeks after Internet users from across the globe came together to to beat SOPA, the major ISPs are cutting a deal with Big Content to restrict web access for users who are accused of piracy. It’ll do much of the dirty work we were able to prevent when we […]

Being a Blogger Holds Legal Risks


Tweet If you are an American, you must be familiar with the constant daily argument that free speech is a right. The problem is that this “law” is challenged on a daily basis. It is challenged in many ways, including top secret government attacks on the character of the person practicing free speech. The reason […]

My Blog Readers Are Potheads


Tweet ….well maybe not all of them. But a whole heap of my readers find me by searching for the Illinois SB 1381 bill that is trying to pass medical marijuana in Illinois. I have found that the few posts I have written on the subject get more hits than the rest of my blog […]

Do I Be Careful Because I’m Popular?


Tweet Everything points to this blog being pretty big and growing now. My Technorati authority is over 400 and growing (on it’s way to 1k); my Alexa Rank is getting better (almost in the top million); comments are growing; I have tons of indexed pages; and the list goes on. When one comes into this […]

SB1381 Medical Marijuana in Illinois Bill Status


Tweet The SB1381 Illinois bill on Medical Marijuana has a date set of May 28th, 2010. It is the final action deadline. You still have time to write your senator and tell him to pass the bill. See the updates at and scroll all the way down to the latest date. UPDATE: According to […]

Racist? I Think Not. Welcome to the Law!


Tweet The new Arizona law requiring police to ask suspected illegal immigrants for their ids has some people claiming racism. But the truth of the matter is that Arizona is simply welcoming illegals to how Americans live every single day. The fact is this. If you are an illegal immigrant, you have absolutely no way […]

Boobs Create Earthquakes! Oh NO!


Tweet Did you hear the one about the Iranian cleric who made a comment that cleavage was the cause of earthquakes? Ok, well this isn’t a joke. It really happened. The American response? Boobquake. Capitalism at it’s best. See the Facebook page here. I recently “liked” it. Now watch all the people come together as […]

California County Bans Toys From Happy Meals


Tweet Can you believe this? Misguided government control over something that parents should have control over. Whether or not their kids can have a toy in their happy meal (original story link was broken so I took it down). I find it ridiculous that a county thinks that they can make this decision. I can’t […]

How Long Before Marijuana Is Legal?


Tweet I subscribe to an Illinois medical marijuana newsletter. If you didn’t know, there is a bill being looked at that will make medical weed legal in Illinois if passed. It is S.B. 1381 and will come to a vote on May 7th, 2010. You can find more information about it on the Marijuana Policy […]

Forgive Me… I’m a Stupid American


Tweet Ya know? It’s kind of funny. I watch my stats and users online every now and then and I see visitors coming from Russia, China, Japan, and many other places. I might be considered a stupid American for asking this, but how many of you reading are citizens of another country, and not some […]

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