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ISPs Are Pulling a SOPA


Tweet They’re selling us out. Just weeks after Internet users from across the globe came together to to beat SOPA, the major ISPs are cutting a deal with Big Content to restrict web access for users who are accused of piracy. It’ll do much of the dirty work we were able to prevent when we […]

Being a Blogger Holds Legal Risks


Tweet If you are an American, you must be familiar with the constant daily argument that free speech is a right. The problem is that this “law” is challenged on a daily basis. It is challenged in many ways, including top secret government attacks on the character of the person practicing free speech. The reason […]

My Blog Readers Are Potheads


Tweet ….well maybe not all of them. But a whole heap of my readers find me by searching for the Illinois SB 1381 bill that is trying to pass medical marijuana in Illinois. I have found that the few posts I have written on the subject get more hits than the rest of my blog […]

Do I Be Careful Because I’m Popular?


Tweet Everything points to this blog being pretty big and growing now. My Technorati authority is over 400 and growing (on it’s way to 1k); my Alexa Rank is getting better (almost in the top million); comments are growing; I have tons of indexed pages; and the list goes on. When one comes into this […]

Boobs Create Earthquakes! Oh NO!


Tweet Did you hear the one about the Iranian cleric who made a comment that cleavage was the cause of earthquakes? Ok, well this isn’t a joke. It really happened. The American response? Boobquake. Capitalism at it’s best. See the Facebook page here. I recently “liked” it. Now watch all the people come together as […]

California County Bans Toys From Happy Meals


Tweet Can you believe this? Misguided government control over something that parents should have control over. Whether or not their kids can have a toy in their happy meal (original story link was broken so I took it down). I find it ridiculous that a county thinks that they can make this decision. I can’t […]

The Westboro Baptist Church Is a FRAUD


Tweet I am not one to judge when it comes to religion. But I have known some very good Christians in my life. And what I know is that any church that promotes HATE at funerals are not churches at all. They are a cult, and were probably started by a satanist or someone who […]

A War That America DOES Need to Start – IRAN!


Tweet With all of the stupid wars going on, I am wondering “what about the countries that need to be forced into our values?”. The fact is that Iran is very unstable. They continue to snatch our innocent citizens who most likely were close to their border, but not actually within it, and we sit […]

Wow, Blog Marketing Post Attracts Spam


Tweet I posted a blog recently about marketing through blog commenting, and so far I have received about 50 spam comments from stupid people who obviously didn’t read the post. The funny thing is that they actually created an account here and were on this site rather than using a spam bot. If you read […]

Repressive Regimes Blocking My Site With Websense


Tweet I found this interesting and thought I should post it. I noticed that websense was visiting my website. I believe it decided to visit because of my post about Iran. If you don’t know, websense is a company that provides a way to block access to certain sites based on it’s content. The Chinese […]

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