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Coaching & Consulting

l bebf271f26e1314323187543abeb8b32 Coaching & ConsultingLet me guide you to creating a successful blog, and how you can bring in real traffic you can turn into subscribers!

  • Do you lack somewhere in your blogging methods?
  • Do you need help with internet marketing?
  • Do you need to learn seo?
  • Just need someone to coach you so you don’t quit too early?

I take on only 5 clients at a time for coaching and consulting on a monthly basis. The cost for the coaching is $400 per month, and you would have access to me via Skype every 2 days at the minimum, and through email daily.

If you would like to retain my services, then proceed to my contact page and get in touch with me. I provide one-on-one coaching & consulting, and make sure each client gets personal attention.

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