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Copy Others Who Have Done It Before

The same advice you may have heard before…. copy others who have done it before you. This advice has helped people like you become successful. They followed a proven formula and prevailed in the end. In this particular case, I am talking about blogging.

The reason why I am bringing this up is because I have noticed through my stats tracking programs, how people are finding me and how they spend their time on my blog. I find that they are looking for information on how to make blogging work for them. It’s a good thing that they are looking to copy my successes. I have copied other bloggers successes, and at the same time used my own experience through trial and error marketing.

A few years back, I thought of career bloggers as those who were sitting on the beaches of Jamaica with a laptop and a margarita. I have made that my motivation for making blogging work for me. The dream of a blogger is to establish a loyal following that keeps coming back, and comments every now and then. In order to get to that point, one has to take blogging very seriously. Now don’t let me hear you telling yourself “but it’s hard to come up with topics to write about”. The fact is that you can simply look at any news website and find something to blog about. You can write about ideas for the future, or opinions of the past. Making up excuses as to why it is tough to be an active blogger will only delay your dream. I have to admit, I used those same arguments in the past and wish I hadn’t. If I put those issues aside and started blogging 7 years ago, it would be my full time job now.

You are an active blogger as of this moment. Take it seriously and write at least 1 post daily. If you can, I suggest writing 3 posts daily so that you can reach a 1,000 post goal within your first year. By reaching that goal, you are allowing your blog to be indexed and ranked high in Google. Use that advantage paired with the utilization of social media, and you have a recipe for a great blog.

Here are a few great articles on finding topics to write about:

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Happy Blogging!

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