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CPA (Cost Per Action) and the Facts

Cost Per Action, also known as CPA is all about conversions. I have discussed CPA in the past on this blog, and I would like to get into more detail here and now for those of you looking to make a long-term residual income.

Timelines from placement to action

The thing about cpa is that it is tricky to make money with if you have no previous experience with it. I am always excited about getting people into cpa, and sometimes get crazy about it when talking about how it works. Just ask Alex Whalley who I introduced a few months back to this wonderful world.

CPA is something I love because it allows me to make good chunks of money with little effort. How you say? Ok, I did warn you that it is hard to make money from with no experience, but when you do have that experience, it is easy as a $10 hooker on a crack withdrawal.

First, you will of course need to setup some niche sites. That’s CPA-101. Without niche sites, you aren’t being all you can be. But you don’t have to have niche sites in order to make money with CPA. I will discuss this more down the road ( I don’t want you skipping out on me early ).

Marketing a CPA niche site

For me, I love the fact that Google is my bitch when it comes to seo. I have been doing seo since 1994 back when Google wasn’t nearly as great as Yahoo!. Unfortunately, this won’t be the case for a bunch of you. So it’s important to get the basics down when it comes to seo.

You can learn more about search engine optimization with these handy articles…

That should be enough to get you started.

Google SEOYou will find that seo is vital to your long term cpa strategy. It’s not important to rank for every possible term in your niche, but it’s mighty handy to rank for a few good terms. If this blog were a cpa niche site, I would bank off of it with cpa more than I do. That’s because I get tons of traffic from Google’s natural organic rankings. It’s mostly because I have hundreds of articles on this blog which accumulated over it’s lifetime.

SEO is NOT your solution to short term cpa success! Let me explain…

If you just got into cpa and you are looking to rack up the $$$$$$ right now, you want to push social media sharing like you would push an old Pinto out of traffic. Here’s why I love social networks for cost per action campaigns…

The great thing about social media is that I don’t even need a website to promote my cpa offers. I can create a shortened link, and then have it ‘retweeted’ or ‘liked’ over and over. If you engage on Twitter regularly, you probably have a great solid network that will tweet any message you ask them to. The more friends you have with thousands of followers equals free traffic to your cpa offer.

Not using Twitter? Well you are slacking, and you probably shouldn’t be doing cpa in the first place. Again, this is CPA-101 stuff.

ADS come in all sizes

Are you cheap? I hope not. The next thing I want to discuss is all about ad campaigns. I am not talking about adwords or some other ppc/cpm medium. I am talking about utilizing ad networks like BuySellAds in order to drive traffic to your offers.

On, there are tons of websites you can list your banner ad on. Locate a few in your niche or a related niche, and submit your banner to them for a small price. If your ad cost $25 per month to place, and you made $3-4 per action, you only need a few actions in order to cover the cost.

This tactic may take a few tries to get right, but when it happens, you will know it.

Setup Offers on Your Blog

If you have an established blog like mine, you can create an offers page and direct readers there. If you have an seo blog, you can promote MaxBounty links for seo software. If you have a health and diet blog, guess what?! They have offers for that!

I don’t have an offers page on my blog only because I focus more on driving traffic to my consulting services, and other items that make up a good majority of my income from blogging.

CPA is Your Friend

If you haven’t gotten excited about CPA yet, you suck. But if you have, what’s your experience with it? What do you plan to do with it? Let me know below!

About the author

Brandon Connell

I am an author, blogger, investor, musician, and internet marketer among other things. I believe that one person can do many things in life.

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  1. anuj@SEOTIPS
    Twitter: webtricksblog

    While many ads annoy me I do think they serve a purpose. Another poster mentioned that if a site has enough value it should just charge a subscription fee. Thats fine for people who can afford a subscription but frankly, I’m happy putting up with ads so that I can keep going to my favorite sites without having to pay a penny. I might even click an ad once or twice to help the site going

    Posted on 18-Nov-11 at 4:17 am | Permalink
  2. Brandon Connell
    Twitter: Brandon_Connell

    CPA isn’t the click kind though. Mostly, it requires the filling out of a small form and submitting in order to count it as an action.

    Posted on 18-Nov-11 at 7:57 am | Permalink
  3. Brandon, Thanks you for a very precise explanation about CPA. Now I know whats the difference between CPA and CPC “Cost Per Click”. Is it possible that a nichesite can be a CPA and CPC?

    Posted on 23-Nov-11 at 10:18 pm | Permalink
  4. Brandon Connell
    Twitter: Brandon_Connell

    Did you mean promoting a CPA website with a CPC campaign you are paying for, or having CPA offers alongside CPC adsense ads? Both can be done, however the 2nd one is not advisable. You want the CPA ad to be the prominent item on the niche site.

    Posted on 23-Nov-11 at 10:51 pm | Permalink
  5. CPA is a very nice way to get money without straining so much. Many people who own blogs and websites are now turning to this in order to make some little money.

    Posted on 28-Nov-11 at 2:04 am | Permalink