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Creating a Successful E-Magazine

MagazinesOver 1,000 new print magazines are created every year. Out of those, less than 5% actually make it past the first year, and 1% make it beyond that and become successful. All the rest close up shop with a loss.

It takes at least $15,000 to get the first issue out to stands, regionally or nationally. Chances are, you won’t make a profit from that first issue. As a matter of fact, it can take a magazine a year before they turn a profit.

With those statistics, its no wonder why many people choose to publish exclusively online these days. I am one of the people that actually plan on starting a print magazine on marketing. But I am a special case.

What makes emags the way to go?:

  • The cost – It’s much cheaper than print magazines.
  • The publishing – It’s much easier and faster to publish content.
  • The marketing – While I always recommend using paid advertising, it’s really easy to drive tons of traffic to an online magazine.

E-Publishing Makes Sense

I am a believer that print magazines will be around for a long time. An iPad or Kindle is simply no substitute for that glossy paper running through your fingers. But there are many good reasons why you will want to go with a web-based magazine instead.

First off, its much cheaper. Starting an e-mag costs 10 bucks per month for hosting with hostgator, 10 bucks per year for a domain through godaddy, and some of your valuable time spent creating and promoting content.

You can get some pretty good subscription plugins using the wordpress platform, and have a money making magazine fairly quickly.

Print editions have massive costs:

  • The content is usually created by employees who have to do lots of research before it reaches newsstands. Employees are expensive.
  • The printing costs themselves are pretty much out there…
  • Mailing to subscribers is a hefty expense.
Print editions have more work:
  • It takes a lot more research for print because the laws are quite different. Freedoms are less free when it comes to print.
  • Contacting and managing advertisers is a job in itself. On top of that, you have to get graphics approved before the print date.
  • Print requires a larger marketing budget in order to get a minimum 100,000 subscriber base which attracts national advertisers – the same amount of subscribers can be had in e-mags with totally free marketing methods.

E-Mags Are Easy

E-MagazineConsider the fact that I am writing this entire article from my Blackberry as proof that’s its easy to publish content on the web.

With a print magazine, you will spend a lot of time researching content, placing it with graphics and layouts, and trying to get all of the advertisers setup in time for the printing.

With an e-mag, you simply write and publish articles, have contributors looking for exposure help with content, and have an automated advertising system in place like with the oiopublisher plugin for wordpress (which is also standalone for non-wordpress sites).

The Key To Successful E-Magazines

Just like blogs, e-mags require you to choose a niche. With magazines, its actually more important to take this step and drill it down. Consider what you want to write about and stick to it!

Your niche will eventually make your magazine stand out because its going to become the industry mouth for all things relevant in that chosen niche. Its what makes your magazine worth reading. Just because you are drilling down to a niche doesn’t mean it has to grow old and boring. Many topics can be written about within your chosen niche. Everything from industry news, to reviews, to opinions can be written about.

Are you starting an online magazine?

If you are on my blog, then I know you either own a blog or are starting one. But are you interested in starting an online magazine? Do you already have one? What experience or questions do you have?

Tell us below!

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  1. E magazines have become so popular in today `s world. This is because of various reasons which you have mentioned on this post. It is much cheaper to publish an online magazine than publishing a printed one. It is also saves you a lot of work when you publish something online.

    Posted on 24-Oct-11 at 9:56 pm | Permalink
  2. E-magazines are so popular now because you are just a click away from the article that you want to read in that magazine. Internet is very powerful, it invades already including magazines.

    Posted on 26-Oct-11 at 9:00 pm | Permalink
  3. I agree with you that paper magazines will be around for a while, but I feel that eventually, e-magazines will take over. You outlined a great idea for finding a niche to create an e-magazine for and explained the steps clearly. Thanks for the interesting idea.

    Posted on 03-Nov-11 at 4:52 pm | Permalink
  4. We actually discussed this in my class not to long ago. Now a days the regular paper magasin often can be a sort of promotion for the paper. They often don’t make that much money any longer on the paper version. If your not a hugh news paper like NY Times.

    Posted on 03-Nov-11 at 6:47 pm | Permalink