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How Long Before Marijuana Is Legal?

I subscribe to an Illinois medical marijuana newsletter. If you didn’t know, there is a bill being looked at that will make medical weed legal in Illinois if passed. It is S.B. 1381 and will come to a vote on May 7th, 2010. You can find more information about it on the Marijuana Policy Project‘s website.

I believe that this bill will pass. But I am wondering how long it will take before the state seeks to make it entirely legal similar to what California is attempting to do. It would provide a huge amount of money to the state in new taxes. The reason why it is important to enact these laws now is because it will be very hard to do so should Obama not be in office anymore. President Obama made it easier for states to pursue this idea because he said he would not go against state marijuana laws. Chances are that a new republican president will go after them though. It is critical that states attempt to legalize marijuana before it’s too late.

Legalization is simple and easy to monitor. While it will be in cigarette form, it can be regulated like alcohol. It can be made available to those 21 and older, and you can’t drive while intoxicated or something… It shouldn’t be a big deal.

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  1. I don’t use this stuff, and I don’t live in Illinois (my step daughter does, though), but am for legalization of it because the 2 opposing forces are making too much fuss selling and criminalizing. And our government could be MAKING MONEY instead of SPENDING MONEY to enforce crimes involving this stuff.

    It’s what you said about the possibility of having a Republican president for the next term that got me roused. Granted, this is key to this new law, but God save us all if a Republican gets elected. The way they’re moving about to get noticed isn’t something a trustworthy company would do. That crazy idea of a Tea Party has begun a war between themselves, let alone them coming against Obama in such a way as to propose civil rivalry. The Repups ain got nutten going for them except a loud bark!! Long live Democracy (and Democrats).

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