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How to Find High-End Customers

The high end customers are basically the customers with the most amount of money. These are the ones that will pay $5,000+ for a simple product or service. Of course, the product or service must match what the average high end customer is looking for.

To find out what a high end customer is looking for, just turn on your television. You can see an example of high end customers by watching the red carpet, or checking out shows that target rich people like The Kardashians, or Million Dollar Listings.

Keep in mind that you are getting yourself into something serious when dealing with rich people. Most rich people have a sense of entitlement, even when they don’t deserve it. They will be a very demanding customer. If your business hours are 9-5 before you get a rich customer, expect to be on-call after you get your first rich customer. If they pay the big bucks for your product or service, they want customer service and support to go with it.

I have had a few high end clients in my life, and to be honest, they were just not worth the hassle. I believe that the homeless man on the street has the same worth at the billionaire on Wallstreet. Therefore, I will not donate my time to a high end client who paid for business hours. I have had some high end clients who were just too demanding.

My services have a worth, and just because it may have cost them many thousands of dollars, does not mean that they become my single client for daily consultations.
With that being said, choose your customers carefully. The type of customer you attract depends on the business you are in. An example would be the web development business. There are many jokers out there that post offensive gigs on Craigslist for web designers, and they offer to give the designer credit on the website because they cannot afford to pay. The fact is that web designers automatically have the legal right to post the “website designed by” credit on the website footer, or another unobtrusive area even if you pay for the website. So for that credit to be payment in itself is a complete joke.

In addition, some low-balling customers demand this and that for below industry standard prices. Those are the types of customers to avoid. The customer essentially gets what they pay for. Do not expect to find a quality designer for less than $50 per hour unless they are hard-up for the money for some reason.

The rule applies to any industry, not just web design. YOU determine your industry worth with the prices you charge and the customers you decide to work with.

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