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How to Get Blog Readers

There are a bunch of blogs that post this topic. But I have noticed that they do not include extensive information about some subjects. One of those subjects is the specifics that will help during your social networking campaign.

A way I get traffic to my blog(s) is by designing a custom graphic, like a “stopping by to say hello” graphic, and then creating the html code and linking it on myspace comments. I have thousands of myspace friends, and I go to their pages and just post my comment code which brings in clicks. I am a graphic designer, so that helps. But you can do something simple with Photoshop or some other design program. You can also post bulletins and classifieds on social networks that allow it.

Another big way of driving traffic is to search for other blogs, and take part in commenting on their posts. The ones that allow you to imput your url, and name are best. When someone likes your comment, they click your name and go to your blog (or website). Just be sure not to spam them with a link inside of your comment. And be sure to make your comment relevant and in depth to add to their post. You will probably get a return comment by the blog owner too!

Write articles, and press releases. There are lots of free press release websites out there that you can submit to. They tend to rank very high in search engines and can easily drive traffic to your website. Write about what you know, and do your research to make the article or press release large. A large article that will keep a reader is much more valuable than a short one that doesn’t include all the essentials.

Submit your blog to directories, and rss feed sites. These sites specifically index rss, and will bring in some major traffic to quality blogs.

Utilize social indexing/bookmarking sites like reddit, digg, and others. These sites allow for a quick submission, and have a HUGE following

The free options out there are simply endless. It is just a matter of going out there and doing it. When you are just starting out a blog, it might seem like a major undertaking to drive traffic to it. But once you get the momentum, there is no stopping you. Remember that your determination is the biggest factor in getting readers. If you fail to post and maintain your blog, chances are it will fail miserably. Get er done!

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