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Is There Too Much Competition in My Chosen Blog Niche?

Niche CompetitionFirst, let me tell you that I recently wrote a post about why overcrowding will never negatively impact blogs. I was recently asked by a potential partner on a new blogging venture if my favored industry has too much competition. As per a recent guest post of mine, I spoke about coming up with blog topics by searching for questions and providing answers. Hence this post.

To answer the question, let us talk about the blogosphere a bit. When a new blog is created, it’s owner is often over-excited to get it jumping with activity, including comments. When that doesn’t happen in 2 months of less, these blogs tend to shut down shop pretty quickly. This is mostly because new blog owners are over-ambitious about making money with their blog and they don’t have realistic expectations.

Now when you ask me if the chosen industry is heavy in competition, my answer is simply NO. Why? Because you have to look at the actual successful blogs in that industry, and NOT the total amount of blogs based on that topic. If you look at the entire industry, then yeah it’s gonna be crowded. But how many of these blogs do you really have to worry about?

Consider this. There are tons of blogs out there about making money blogging. But my biggest competition are examples like ProBlogger, John Chow, Copyblogger, and a few more biggies. Now here I come with only three months into the game with a new blog, and as of this article I am ranked #322,220 in Alexa Traffic Rank. When I first started, I was over 5 million. I have surpassed most of the blogs in my industry already. Every day, I am dropping pounds in Alexa Traffic Rank by huge numbers.

Within the next nine months, I will own one of the biggest blogs out there in my industry, and I am not shy about predicting this fact. Is there too much competition in your chosen niche? Not if you are dead serious about blogging!

About the author

Brandon Connell I am an author, blogger, investor, musician, and internet marketer among other things. I believe that one person can do many things in life. Learn how I get FREE advertising and MAKE MONEY doing it with M.P.A. This is the best of both worlds and FREE to sign up NOW!


  1. Jean Sarauer
    Twitter: jeansarauer

    Excellent way of looking at this, Brandon. You’re right . . . most of the blogs tend to drop like flies once people see how much effort is required to succeed. And a fair amount of niche competition is good because it can provide lots of great opportunities when people work together.
    .-= Jean Sarauer´s last blog ..6 Things That Get Easier About Blogging if You Just Keep Going =-.

    Posted on 03-Jun-10 at 6:52 am | Permalink
  2. Brandon Connell
    Twitter: Brandon_Connell

    That’s true. People with common goals tend to help each other out, until one of them drops. Hope it doesn’t happen in our circle though….

    Posted on 03-Jun-10 at 9:56 am | Permalink
  3. mark
    Twitter: icebluebanana

    Hey Brandon,

    That is a great point you make about who your actual competition is. I have not seen a blogger drop out yet, but it does make sense that it would happen. The beginning is rather disheartening!

    And, Jean’s point of view on the competition and working together. It *can* happen because even if there are 10 people writing about a common subject, they will all have different points of view, and will likely compliment each other in some way.

    Have a great day!
    .-= mark´s last blog ..3 Steps To Finding Your Balance =-.

    Posted on 03-Jun-10 at 12:21 pm | Permalink
  4. Jean also brings up a good point about succeeding. Everyone labels success differently.

    If success is based on money, then yah, it’s hard to make a survivable amount of income quickly in certain niches.

    Posted on 03-Jun-10 at 1:27 pm | Permalink
  5. You are going to be one of the biggest blogs out there? I had better hang out with you 🙂
    no really, people think it’s a walk in the park, this blogging thing. Perseverance and creativity is what makes all the difference.
    Thanks for sharing and thanks , mark for the tweet…
    .-= James Tayo´s last blog ..4 Reasons Not To Ignore Building an Email List =-.

    Posted on 03-Jun-10 at 2:09 pm | Permalink
  6. Brandon Connell
    Twitter: Brandon_Connell

    Hi James. That’s my plan! It is definitely hard work, but it pays off if you stick with it.

    Posted on 03-Jun-10 at 2:14 pm | Permalink
  7. Alex
    Twitter: buildrankprofit

    Hey Brandon, love the way you look at this man. Consistency is indeed the key and it does not matter how saturated the chosen niche is, at the end of the day it’s the last man standing and if you are willing to keep on keeping on then there is a good chance it will be you.
    You certainly have the consistent content part down pat. I look forward to watching your influence grow my friend
    .-= Alex´s last blog ..SMART Goals, Small Wins, & Coconuts =-.

    Posted on 03-Jun-10 at 9:42 pm | Permalink
  8. Brandon Connell
    Twitter: Brandon_Connell

    Thank you Alex. I am definitely in this for the long haul. I look forward to sharing my influence with others.

    Posted on 03-Jun-10 at 9:45 pm | Permalink
  9. Satrap@ Make Money Online
    Twitter: BlogStashDotCom

    Great points Brandon. I personally think no matter how much competition there is, if you truly;y commit yourself and work, you can succeed.

    I started my first blog 2 years ago without knowing anything about seo, niche or how to even build a blog.

    I had no idea that I was in one of the most competitive niches 9make money online). I realized that fact, about a year into it after learning about this stuff.

    Any way, I kept working hard and pushing through and I was able to rank for some of the biggest keywords in my niche. The point is, if someone like me who didn’t even know what SEO stood for, can succeed in such a big niche, then anyone with a little knowledge of seo and niche marketing can succeed as well by committing themselves and working hard.

    Posted on 25-Aug-11 at 2:30 pm | Permalink
  10. Brandon Connell
    Twitter: Brandon_Connell

    Right man. If there weren’t competition, then there is likely no money in the industry that you are targeting.

    Posted on 02-Sep-11 at 3:24 pm | Permalink

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