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Kindle Publishing Series Update #3

Hey folks, I did not forget about you or this series. I have been steady working on my books. I got sidetracked because I am about to get a divorce, and have been depressed. I tried to fix things, but she just doesn’t love me anymore. That aside…

The novel series I am working on is almost ready. It is crunch time now and I will be diligently plugging away at it over the next couple weeks. Once you write the “draft”, it’s important to read and re-read your book multiple times to make changes. You won’t believe how many things you catch during this process.

Alright, here it is. The name of my first novel series is called “Perfect Rape”. It is a sick and twisted book about a man leading a double life as a special agent in forensics who caries on as a kidnapper, snatching women and brainwashing them into being his sex slaves. You may already think “SICK!”, but there are twists galore. I will keep you all up to date, and release some little nuggets in the meantime.

Help me build some interest by sharing this series as much as possible, and I will repay you with my unlimited gratitude and prayers.

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