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Kindle Publishing Series Update #5

Welcome back to the Kindle Publishing Series. Tonight I am giving you a VALUABLE tool… The spreadsheet that I created to track my progress.

Why did I create this tool?

In order to keep an eye on my productivity, I felt a need to record every aspect of my book publishing numbers. This spreadsheet will record:

  • Writing hours: How much time was spent actually writing the book. This is the actual time you spend on the first draft, second draft, and any other draft.
  • Editing hours: How many hours are spend with spelling, grammar, and book formatting with the TOC and headings.
  • Graphic design hours: How long I spent designing book covers, and images used within my books, as well as marketing materials.
  • Distribution hours: This is time spent uploading files to CreateSpace, Amazon, and ACX, as well as writing descriptive copy and keywords.
  • Marketing hours: This covers how much time I actually spend promoting my books. Whether it is through my blog(s), social media, articles, guest posting, blog hopping, or whatever.
  • Sales: This is the most important number. I will track this in sales dollars, not the amount of books.
  • Word Count: This will tell me how many words I am writing. The more the merrier.
  • Total number of hours: This will reflect all of my hours on every aspect of my book production.

These numbers are tracked on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Grab the xls document by clicking here.

I recommend you also use this tool for tracking your progress, and modifying it to your needs. Be careful. It is using functions to count totals.

Now on to the good stuff…

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