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Making Money Online: PART 2

This is the 2nd part of a series. See part 1 here.

My previous post focused on topics like starting a service based business or blogging and marketing it online for an extra income. I want to focus more on another kind of internet income this time.

Quite a few people make some serious dollars by selling online. As an internet marketing expert, I have gotten clients who have been successful with the sales route. One of them utilized Ebay for their income. The key to their success was offering a unique product. That product was specialized in restaurant equipment. They cleared thousands of dollars in sales every month, all from Ebay. It was my job to create a website for them that displayed their Ebay products, and was search engine friendly at the same time. My efforts turned their online presence into a good amount of top 10 rankings for their target keyphrases.

Ebay is a great tool when you have a unique product. If you specialize, you can control a stake in an Ebay store market share. Ebay has listing fees every time you place an item. Without a unique product, you can end up losing some serious money trying to sell an item. The key to going big with Ebay is to find a niche, and then it will be safe to “lose” a little money making a name for yourself on their site.

I have come across another site that allows you to sell, and they don’t require listing fees. They get paid when you do. That site is Etsy. Etsy is a tool to use, but only if you have a handmade item to offer. It is good for people such as candle makers, woodworkers, painters, etc. Your market is people who love to by unique handmade artwork. Whether it be a vase, or a bird house, you can do some serious money making with Etsy. But remember, you still have to market your store. It isn’t a matter of just starting an Etsy shop and placing items in the inventory. People have to find you. For this, you can design some ads and post them on Craigslist in the for sale section, or small business offers area.

Yet another great source for internet income is Amazon. With Amazon, you can use dropship products if you want. People buy products from Amazon, even if it isn’t the cheapest of the bunch. They would buy simply because they like your username, or they want to buy from your location. In addition to physical items, you can use Digital Text Platform which is an Amazon service, to sell your ebooks. Your ebook will be made available for online purchase, and for purchase through the Amazon Kindle device.

When in doubt, do some googling and find people who are already doing it big. I had a client who did over $30,000 per month by selling high end shampoo on her own ecommerce site. You can do the same by getting a free hosting account and installing oscommerce or cre loaded which are both free shopping cart platforms. You can find some free and cheap templates for these shopping carts to make your site look professional.

Do your research, and I will see you in the next series installment.

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