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Membership Sites: The OTHER Green Meat

Membership websites are something you probably haven’t considered if you are blogging for income, or trying to make money as an affiliate…but you should think long and hard about leaving cash on the table. It’s fairly easy to setup a member site and you don’t need Duhaime’s Law Dictionary to get into business (although you may want to brush up on legal web jargon). A member site can be created using WordPress and the Magic Members plugin.

I currently have a couple of membership sites in development, and I can give you some quick pointers.

  • Use WordPress and Magic Members for the easiest and quickest setup.
  • Pay extra attention to pages that are locked and ones that are unlocked for guests. You need to provide free info in order to make the sale.
  • Ensure that you have lots of original content before you start marketing.
  • Provide weekly or some other regularly scheduled updates.
  • Send out a monthly newsletter to ensure engagement by members.
  • Offer a free newsletter so you can market to potential customers (and upsell existing ones).

Marketing a member website is just as simple as marketing a blog or any other website. You want to use the same article marketing, blog hopping, and guest posting techniques. Traffic is key…especially targeted traffic. If you are already marketing via another newsletter, you may be able to send out a message telling them about the new membership website.

In addition to the standard marketing, I like to promote my member sites with my ebooks. When I create a new website, I create a couple of ebooks for sale on Amazon, and some shorter “free reports”. All of them will reference the new website somewhere inside of it. Just make sure not to over-do it and spam or you will be reviewed with that information (you may be labeled with that regardless by sabotage).

Later on, I will post a much more detailed article on member sites and marketing. I wanted to quickly post one to spark your interest in the idea of making money this way.

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 Membership Sites: The OTHER Green Meat I am an author, blogger, investor, musician, and internet marketer among other things. I believe that one person can do many things in life. Check out my local search marketing company at when you are done browsing here.

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  1. Joe Boyle
    Twitter: websitebegin

    It’s been a while, Brandon. Membership sites. I’ve always been fond of the idea, but never really fond of the ways some of the more [moral] blackhat people put out the memo. A lot of membership sites are pretty scammy looking, and go about business in a way that make me fear my bank account.

    To those webmasters who can deliver a membership site and make it look, feel, and function in a good tone, hats tip to you. Great to read from you again, Brandon.
    Joe Boyle´s last blog post ..Top 12 WordPress Plugins of 2012

    Posted on 12-Aug-12 at 9:33 pm | Permalink
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