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Local SEO on Mobile Devices


Is your lead generation website optimized for mini browsers too? When I do local search marketing, I have to really dig down and find every possible gateway to traffic for my clients. That’s why I understand that many of their customers will find them through a cell phone or tablet like the Kindle Fire, BlackBerry Playbook or iPad.

With this in mind, I like to ensure that I create a website specifically for mobile devices. There is a good service for a mobile website builder called MOBDIS, which will create something professional and bug-free.

With this service, you can:

  • Build great looking mobile sites with no coding
  • Easily add rich media content like product galleries, store locators & videos
  • Add business features like Forms and Coupons to increase customers
  • For Developers, extend and customize with JavaScript and jQuery Mobile

…There is also flexibility in pricing plans and hosting options.

With the competition growing daily in the local search marketing market, I like to have the advantage over my competitors. Understand that more and more people are going mobile, and that isn’t likely to change in the future.

Make Money as an Amazon eBook Author: Tricks & Methods


Something I have dedicated my time to for the past many months has been writing eBooks and publishing them on the Amazon Kindle Store. At this point, I would like to say that I’m an expert on the subject and I’m happy to share my knowledge with you. The great thing about kindle books is that the market is perfect for the weekend author. You can do this as a hobby to get started, and then you will begin to see that actual money is coming in. Not pennies, but hundreds of dollars that can help you pay your utility bills.

As an author, you probably envision writing a best-selling novel and blowing up like Harry Potter. The problem is that most people don’t have the time to go at a perfect novel in the beginning. They work endless hours at their day job, and it’s just to hard juggling writing with work and family. If you do things the “other” way, then you will be able to free up your time and possibly quit your job.

Casting aside the idea to create a best-seller, you should focus on the smaller books that provide real value to someone looking for the information. You read the part where I said “real value” right? You can’t just throw crap out the window and hope dollars rain in. You can make money writing and selling 20-30 page eBooks for 99 cents a piece, as long as those books are filled with useable information and not fluff or filler.

I found that you can find a freelancer that will write a book for you on the cheap, and you can get your e-cover designed on the cheap as well. The good thing is that I do all of these things myself, so I save money. It takes a few minutes to design the cover in Photoshop. The writing doesn’t take very long; I just make sure the topics are well researched and the eBook is nicely edited and formatted.

If you publish books for more than 99 cents, they sell much less. One of my 99 cent books made over $1,000 in a single month on it’s own through sales and borrows (in the KDP Select program). Many authors have a problem joining KDP Select. I don’t because my books are 99 cents already. On that royalty scale, I only make 35 cents per sale. Borrows have turned out to pay around $1.80 per borrow. See the difference there?

The trick to making money with Amazon Kindle Store is to play a numbers game. If you write quality informational books, or even short story novels, you will get sales. It’s that simple. If you don’t take the time to make a perfect book, even if it’s small, it will not sell.

Once you do have your eBook and cover ready, you need to ensure you have a good description. The more information you provide about what your book contains, the higher the chances of it selling.

I would keep writing, but instead I found out today that my friend Steve Scott already wrote an excellent article on making money with Amazon Kindle. Check out that article How to Make Money with Amazon Kindle Books.

Sorry iPhone & Android Users for What I’m About to Do


This means war. By this, I mean the total disregard by companies for BlackBerry users. I am, and always will be a BlackBerry loyalist. I love my Torch 9800 with a touchscreen and slide-out full size qwerty keyboard. The suicide inducing Apple devices will never be obtained with my money.

I know…who cares right? Well, you will pretty soon. First, let me tell you why I have a huge beef with Apple and Android phones. I actually like Android, because I am a daily user of the Kindle Fire. Unfortunately, they just got into my cross-hairs by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The final straw came just an hour ago, when I got off of a chat with Richard from If you aren’t aware of their product, they provide a credit card swiping machine that is integrated to use PayPal to accept payments. I was doing a bunch of internet research looking for a smartphone based POS system. The problem is, none of them use BlackBerry. The Square device uses iPhone and Android, with no plans to support RIM devices. I found a press release by USBSwiper from a year ago that said they were in the process of creating a mobile POS system and BlackBerry was listed. The problem is, their website had the same list of devices, but they left out BlackBerry. That’s what made me proceed to contact them through their live chat on the website. I was told that only 3% of all customer requests were for BlackBerry devices, so they decided to drop it altogether and only develop for Apple and Android junk phones. That was the last straw… The reason why it was the last straw is because there are many other companies over the past year that I have wanted to use their service, but they simply didn’t support or plan on supporting BlackBerry.

This Means WAR!

So here it is… Unfortunately, consumers are the cause of this problem, so they are going to be the first ones to be hit with my wrath. Unless consumers change their ways and demand that companies develop for RIM too, then they will be punished.

What can I do you ask?

The way to make changes in the world is to create a demand for something, and keep it from people. That’s what oil companies have been doing for years, and it’s working. With that in mind, I am about to go on a development rampage, and create the next addicting viral games and apps, and I will ONLY release them on the BlackBerry platform.

You don’t care you say? Well you are saying that right now. But honestly, you have to be smarter than that. The fact is, you want things just as bad as I wanted a credit card swiper that’s compatible with PayPal for my BlackBerry. I wanted it so bad that I am willing to spend my time and money to go on a revenge spree because I don’t have it.

If Facebook didn’t provide an app for iPhone, you people that have them would be pissed off right? Well, I guarantee that you will be hearing the word-of-mouth about this great new game or app from your friends that are smart enough to have a BlackBerry, and you will want to try it. Eventually, you will get pissed that it’s not available to your device.

When this demand is created, I will be asked by millions of angry consumers why the game and apps are not supported on your device. I am not against making them available to you. But there will be a catch… In order for me to give a shit about your opinion, I will require consumers to complain to every company that has apps but none for BlackBerry. There are major companies out there such as for example, that don’t support BlackBerry. When 20 big companies catch on and start to develop for the BlackBerry, I will make my app available on a single other device. When 40 more companies get on the ball, then I will make it available to another device.

Consumers need to stop messing it up for others… Stay tuned. I always keep my promises.


Local SEO Will Increase Your Business


If you own a business that relies on local customers or local clients, then you must know how vital it is that potential customers are able to find you. That’s where local seo (search engine optimization) comes in.

What would happen if you doubled your business within 3-months time? What would that mean to you? Would it be a game changer?

If I were to tell you that you can own the first page of Google in not just one, but MULTIPLE positions, would you jump on it? My company Leads2LocalSearch does just that! The problem is, we only represent one company in a given industry for their local regional area. That means if you were a criminal attorney in Chicago and you were our client, then you would be the only criminal attorney that we have as a client for Chicago. That’s an important part of our strategy because our job is to give you more than one position on Google’s first page.

What if I were to tell you that your competition is reading this too? Would you pass up this opportunity and let them take control of the search results?

Google SEO

Let me tell you some things about Google local seo and how it works…

Google has different areas for which your website(s) can show up. One of them is the sponsored listings. These are the results at the very top of the page, and along the right side of the page when you do a search. You can control that area. In addition, the listings underneath the sponsored results are natural search listings. We get your website on the very top of those listings in not just one, but many spots. How you ask? We get your actual business website on top with up to 2 possible listings. We also setup various social media profiles and other business listings, and we get them to show up on top of the organic search results as well.

What else? With local seo, no campaign would be complete without optimizing the local listings. Those are generally showing for local searches between the sponsored and natural results. They often show phone numbers and physical street addresses of your business for that search area.

Let’s break it down…

What if your business showed up in the sponsored listings, the local listings with your phone number + address + URL, and multiple spots in the natural serps? A major increase in business is what happens!

Are you convinced that you AT LEAST need to request a no-obligation quote? Yes? Go to and fill out the quick form. It really is that simple to double your business or more!

Weird Ways to Make Money


My research into money making has brought me to some interesting websites. I have found many weird ways to make money. One such way was with a few lotto subscriptions. I know, it sounds bogus, but stick with me for a second. On the Illinois lottery website, I can get a mega millions subscription for $26. I got 5 of them. Week after week, I would win small amounts that added up to much more than my initial investment. You don’t have to hit the jackpot to recoup your money.

Another weird way to make money is by offering a space in your drive-way for rental parking. This tends to work in City areas that are prone to not having street parking because they are so packed with cars. You can actually rent someone your space for a couple hundred bucks as long as you have room for your car too.

One other way I have made some money was to get some stuff around the house that’s in the way, and offer it for a price on Craigslist. The difference between Craigslist and eBay is the fact that you won’t end up paying a fee to post on Craigslist. On top of that, you are more likely to sell something there too. The traffic is much different, and your item will stick out better.

I will keep an eye out for more weird ways to make money and keep you posted.

Investment Beyond Blogging and IM


For the past few months, I have been looking into investment beyond blogging and IM (internet marketing). I have been looking into buying patents, and buying existing business assets. I have been hanging out at DailyDac checking out the investment opportunities.

For those of you that have been blogging awhile and built up the income for yourself from it, I recommend spreading out your eggs into multiple baskets. It’s smart to keep your blog making money, but you always want to ensure a solid future. To do that, you need to be open minded, and not hard-headed.

Also in the works for me is a non-profit for homeless programs and shelters, and an LLC for real estate investment.

Society of Balance


For a couple of years, I have been developing a secret society behind the scenes. When you think “secret society”, you would never imagine one actually coming out with information to share with others….but this is different.

Society of Balance a.k.a. S.O.B. is a worldwide secret society which is dedicated to the members-helping-members philosophy. No matter how big a member’s goals are, all of the other members in the group have a responsibility to help them reach those goals. Because everyone is helping everyone, our members enjoy serious personal gains in social status, monetary, or even psychological.

The website is and there is an application available, however most that submit the application will never receive a response. I employ a strict code that members must live by, and I am very good at my job of researching potential members. You are welcome to apply though.

10 Clever Ways to Promote Your Ecommerce Website


Once you have your ecommerce website development complete, contemplating your marketing approach can seem daunting. There are many options available to you. The following will cover some of the best ecommerce promotional approaches. These are tried and tested techniques that will bring targeted audiences to your online shop.


SEO – Search Engine Opimization

Search engine optimization is fast becoming an essential tool for attracting targeted audiences to your website. It often referred to as inbound marketing because it is a passive form of marketing, rather than the more aggressive form of outbound or sales focused promotion. SEO is the art of bringing your website to rank as high as possible in the search engines. You can do this yourself by using online resources to learn the techniques or hire a professional.


Pay Per Click

The other way to be found in the search engines is the use Pay Per Click (PPC). These are sponsored advertisements that appear in the search results. Every time a searcher clicks, you pay a small fee. This can attracted highly targeted audiences. The advantage of PPC over SEO is that you can start to build traffic immediately.



The first step is to search for forums that are related to your industry. Then contribute and answer questions related to your industry, services and products. As you answer questions, you will show that you an expert in this industry. This establishes you as an authority, so people will go to your website to learn more about you, follow you and this in turn increases chances of the sale.


Participate in Blogs

Just like forums, commenting in blogs exposes your brand to those who are interested in what you are offering. Writing well informed and interesting comments will arouse reader’s curiosity to click through to your website. It is worthwhile finding blogs which uses the KeywordLuv plugin and the Commentluv plugin which allows you to also create a follow link to website.


Local Fair

Promote your ecommerce store at the local trade show or fair. This can be a very effective way to put your face to your brand name and personalize your online store. In one day, you could have your brand name exposed to hundreds of local people who are interested in what you are offering.


Google Plus Pages for Business

Recently Google made it possible to allow businesses to create Google Plus pages.

With over 100 million people now signed up to Google Plus, businesses are should pay attention to this new social network. This is the fastest growing social network ever and currently (and controversially) Google is prioritizing Google Plus in the Google search results.


Google Places

This is a free place to submit your listing and is an absolute must. It increases your chances of appearing in the Google results page when local potential customers are searching for you. One in five searches are related to location and location based searches are highly targeted. Need someone to optimize your business locally? Try


Press Release

A press release can be a very powerful way to promote your brand through the media. A single press release has the potential to be picked up by the local and national media. Major newspapers as well as online news outlets, such as Yahoo News and Google News frequently publish press releases from reputable press release companies.


Offer a promotion

A promotion can take many forms. This can include an offer for a discount for telling a friend. It can also be a sale – people love a good sale. A competition to win what you offer, often builds up significant exposure. A good promotion can sometime even go viral if you are offering something that resonates across the population.


Email Marketing

Sending an email alerting those who are on your mailing list about news about your business or a new offer can be a powerful way to spread the word. It touches base with your customers and reminds those who have contacted you in the past to revisit your offerings.

A New Way for Authors to Make Money


Attention writers and authors! I would like to introduce you to a way to make some quick cash online. As you know, there are many “quick” outlets such as Associated Press (now Yahoo!), Fiverr, and constant content. Now, there is a site dedicated to ebook writers!

The site is, and it just launched. With this service, you can make a quick $1 per page writing for any genre, and various sized ebooks. This new service touts the fact that they work with authors to provide them with as little or as much work as they can handle, and so they can write about the subjects they are knowledgeable in and love to write about.

Sometimes you just need some cash. Sometimes you just can’t stop writing. Feed your author animal by getting qualified with and you will be able to make thousands of dollars over a lifetime! Check them out to learn more…

I Am Currently Seeking Writers to Barter With


I am looking for writers that can write 50 pages worth of content for ebooks, and would like to barter for my graphic design services. You will be a ghostwriter for these projects.

If you have the skills and are willing to trade services, contact me at and make sure to include examples of your work.