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Popular Blogging Topics for 2013

I have been posting popular blogging topics for the past couple years. This would be my 3rd I believe. Maybe the 4th. Use these ideas to start a blog that gets the maximum amount of traffic.

  1. Politics – This made my number one spot for 2013 because of how heated the presidential election is this November (2012). Obama vs Romney. Normally I wouldn’t comment on political issues, but I feel the need to here. Not only because it is in fact the hottest topic to blog about now, but also because I have paid more attention this year to what’s going on. Ron Paul was my favorite because everyone else lacked the common sense that he has. I admit I made the mistake of voting for Obama last time, but now it’s about making a change and protecting important rights such as gun ownership. I was also mad that he made promises on marijuana, then broke them by going after growers. If you were to write about these kinds of things, imagine how much traffic you can conjure up. I mean, if you are an Obama supporter, you probably are angry with me right now. See? It works!
  2. Jobs – Unfortunately, not everyone is smart enough to understand that careers are no longer an option for stability. Even so, people are trying hard to get and keep jobs rather than start their own business. If you can create a blog about these issues, people will flock to them. You can monetize in many ways, including affiliate programs for digital products on finding jobs or resume services.
  3. Facts – I found an app which is really more like an ebook. It’s focus is facts. Strange and weird facts. People love to read them, and when you think of sites like where they post small items, you know that a site that published small facts would likely be successful. People share them. People come back to learn more. People forget what they learned and come back to relearn it. It’s just common sense!
  4. Self-Help – The information business is very profitable. I know because a lot of my ebooks are on how to make money, marketing, etc. I teach people how to do things, and I sell lots of books. I also get good traffic on this blog providing information like this, and I get some good affiliate sales for various things. Come up with a subject in the self help arena and you can make it successful.
  5. Technical – I own a web design company, and when I used to post code examples and other technical data, I would get some excellent targeted traffic. It’s one industry that will never go flat for a blog. If you know something about computers, programming, or something else technical, write about it and I promise the traffic will come. A lot of it from Google!

That’s my top 5 on the popular blogging topics for 2013 to write about. It’s not a huge list, but seriously it shouldn’t be. You want to know what works and this is it. Going to write about one of these topics? Let me know about it with a comment below!

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  1. I’ll second the use of jobs posts as something people like to read. Those are also the most popular posts on my blogs. My favorite stuff to write about is travel, however, which really doesn’t bring in the traffic. I guess too many people write about that. Tech articles have been all over the map. Writing about the latest tech gadgets brings me lots of traffic. Writing code examples or uses of popular apps, not so much.
    Leo@Professional Jobs´s last blog post ..California Accountant Salary

    Posted on 03-Nov-12 at 11:46 pm | Permalink
  2. Andre Joe
    Twitter: cepuma5

    I am looking forward to write about jobs issues, opportunities and relevant with it. I am a graduate student, and i know what it feels to find a job. I think i have the idea to write about it.
    Andre Joe´s last blog post ..Do You Have a Blind Dog?

    Posted on 08-Nov-12 at 11:19 am | Permalink
  3. I think that trvavel blogs with nice pics are #1…
    Sandra Caty´s last blog post ..How many teeth do cats have and how to take care of them

    Posted on 03-Mar-13 at 12:55 pm | Permalink
  4. Brandon Connell
    Twitter: Brandon_Connell

    I agree, but not only travel sites. Any kind of blog with lots of pictures can be popular with the growth of Pinterest.

    Posted on 03-Mar-13 at 2:52 pm | Permalink
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