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Websites for Sale

This is the page where I list websites for sale. There are websites that I design or create, optimize, and are completely turnkey to make you some money.

Come back often to see what’s new, and what’s been sold.

MoveIT Websites For SaleMoveIT Moving

This is a lead generation website for a moving company. I have had moving company clients in the past, and I know how valuable leads are for this industry.

The website is nearly complete, but I left some things to be done for the buyer upon purchase. For instance, I have to change the contact form to go to the buyers email address, and place any additional information they want on the site.

Other work to be done is to add locality pages. Notice in the footer, there are cities listed. These will actually be links to pages optimized for that city.

If you want to buy this moving company lead generation website, contact me.

Price = $499 and includes the domain name

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