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Have Blog Will Travel


Tweet I am calling on all bloggers to chime in here, and let everyone know about your failures and successes. I would like to open up a dialog between bloggers new and old alike, and create a large thread here with lots of tips and what not to do’s. My ultimate intention here is to […]

How NOT to Have Your Company Acquired


Tweet I was doing some thinking about my blog. I have noticed that some major blogs have been acquired by larger companies. But the difference between them and me is that I branded my blog on a domain that I will never give up. I plan to use this blog for years to come, and […]

Learning How to Market Your Business


Tweet You started a business, you got a website created, and you are ready to open up your internet doors. But wait. What’s that sound? Its crickets… You thought that if you built it, they will come? Reality is this. There are billions (if not trillions) of web pages on the net. Even if yours […]