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How Affiliates Make Millions by Spending Thousands


Tweet Affiliate marketing is a goldmine opportunity, but it’s a tricky business. Those affiliates that setup newsletter campaigns and collect email addresses are small potatoes. The real affiliates are the ones that are making millions upon millions of dollars in the business. How do they do this? They spend money Any business can make millions […]

Get Paid BIG MONEY in 2011


Tweet I don’t know what made me feel like writing this article at midnight, but here goes. What I want to do is teach you how to make money this year, no matter what your skills are. The fact is that anyone can make money online easily. I am getting daily slack from a blogger […]

Free PDF: Turnkey ClickBank Master Affiliate Plan


Tweet Introducing! I developed this free ebook on affiliate marketing (which is under 10 pages) and teaches the basics because I have heard from many people that they never made a single cent with it. I told them that they must have been doing it wrong. So just today, I took the time to write […]

How to Make Instant Affiliate Profits for Under $500


Tweet Have you ever heard the term “you need money to make money”? It’s not something I believe in because I have done it with the exact opposite. I can tell you however, that it took awhile to make money without having money from the start. So to offer something to those of you that […]

How Amazon & I Just Got Screwed by State Government


Tweet Just 5 minutes ago, I received an email from Amazon. To my surprise, it was an email informing me that thanks to the Illinois Government, Amazon will likely terminate my associates account. The reason? A new tax scheme that basically aims to eliminate affiliate programs. See the details here. Note that if my Governor […]

Affiliate Marketing for Smart People


Tweet This is a guest post by Steve, from This is going to sound like a harsh statement… When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are the smart and the not-so smart people.  Now I won’t call them dumb, but I feel some folks won’t succeed because they’re not following basic, fundamental affiliate marketing […]

Diversified Affiliate Sales for Monthly Income


Tweet If you have ever worked with affiliate programs, you know that it is nearly impossible to make any money with them. But did you know that you can turn that around? The majority of people who try affiliate programs quit prematurely just like most new bloggers give up before their blog takes off. They […]

Residual Affiliate Sales Through Linking


Tweet As I have been spending time working on affiliate sales, so have I put in time thinking about how to increase affiliate sales over time. What came to mind immediately was the fact that I have been linking to my articles that contain affiliate links via CommentLuv when I comment on other blogs. What […]

Why a LONG Ebook Can Make You More Money


Tweet As you know, ebooks are a great way for a blogger to make some good money. The obvious way to make money is by selling your ebook for a set price. You can use outlets such as Amazon or Clickbank to increase your potential customer base. Another way you make money with your ebook […]

Looking for New Business Ideas


Tweet I have been thinking about starting a new business, but I just can’t figure out what exactly. The biggest return for my investment is what I have to think about here. My main goal is residuals with hardly any work on my part. My current business takes up my entire days and nights. I […]