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How Amazon & I Just Got Screwed by State Government


Tweet Just 5 minutes ago, I received an email from Amazon. To my surprise, it was an email informing me that thanks to the Illinois Government, Amazon will likely terminate my associates account. The reason? A new tax scheme that basically aims to eliminate affiliate programs. See the details here. Note that if my Governor […]

Niche Income Is EASY. Here’s How!


Tweet I have been meaning to write an article on how to make money with niche sites, but I have been busy with many other topics. So here goes. This is a fairly short article, but I get to the point. The Niche Concept The things I am about to post here may seem unrealistic […]

Some of My Best Paying Affiliate Programs


Tweet I thought it might be good for transparency if I were to disclose some of my best paying affiliate programs that make me money here on this blog. I will not however, disclose the amounts that I make from them. I would suggest using this information provided as a reference from me as companies […]

Diversified Affiliate Sales for Monthly Income


Tweet If you have ever worked with affiliate programs, you know that it is nearly impossible to make any money with them. But did you know that you can turn that around? The majority of people who try affiliate programs quit prematurely just like most new bloggers give up before their blog takes off. They […]

Making Money Online: PART 1


Tweet This is part 1 to a series of blog posts about making money online. I can’t write everything down into a single post because it might not keep reader interest if too long. I have been working for myself since 2002. I started with an ecommerce store, and graduated to an seo company. After […]