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Have You Read My Ebooks?


Tweet I was reading some articles today, and thinking about my strategy for selling my new ebook currently in the works. This bad boy is packed full of ways to generate website traffic. What I realized was that I never actively promoted the fact that my ebooks were available here as a download when you signed […]

Amazon vs Ebay


Tweet Amazon and Ebay are two major companies. They both skyrocketed to a fast success, and they both have a huge customer-base. But these two companies are entirely different. Not just in their business model, but also in the “feel” for their service. As a consumer who has used both services, I felt a need […]

Step by Step Guide to Making One Million Dollars


Tweet My book is finally out, and you don’t have to own a Kindle to get it! With the free Kindle for PC software, you can read the book directly on your computer screen. Enjoy! Tweet » Inline Ad Purchase:  Intext Link