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Ideas for Maximum Creativity


Tweet I wanted to make this a list post, but then quickly decided that I have no idea what all I will come up with. Most likely, it will be more than the number I would have listed. The funny thing is that I came up with the title and post idea in a split […]

28 Ways to Make the Perfect Article


Tweet You may have found this article on writing the perfect article because of a bout of writer’s block. In that case, you are in luck. I always see lists providing similar information, but I notice that none of them give extensive detail in each item. That gave me the idea to write this. Keep […]

Reasons Why Overcrowding Will Never Negatively Impact Blogs


Tweet I was reading an article on one of the major blogs out there (ViperChill), and it’s owner was speaking about not having anything to write about because it has already been covered in-depth. I would have to say that even though things have been said to death, blogs will never go old regurgitating the […]