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January LinkLuv for High Quality Articles


Tweet 6 Steps to achieving your goals in 2011 – A must read if you plan on making this year a productive one. Have you ever made a new years resolution and quickly failed? Of course you have. Everyone does it. Well, this article teaches you how to get past that. It’s kind of like […]

Free Website Review: BuzzBlogger.Com


Tweet I have not kept my newly adopted tradition of doing a free website review on the 1st of the month because as my skills in the blogging world have advanced, so did my strict quality requirements. Until now, I have not found an article that told me “you better review this blog or slap […]

These Posts Don’t Suck!


Tweet I had a hard time coming up with a title to describe all of the diverse posts out there in the blogosphere, so I figured I would just tell you that the posts don’t suck. That is after-all, what you want to know right? Ok, so the first on my list is on Alex […]

Rant: My Latest Blogging Annoyance


Tweet I only posted this rant as a last resort. At first, I thought that maybe I was just coming across a few bloggers who didn’t know better. But then I realized that I was running into them on a regular basis. The offenders? Blogs that only post reviews and affiliate hype posts. Any of […]

Did You Claim Your Blog Yet? No? You’re Losing Traffic!


Tweet I decided to write this post because I know that there are literally tons of blogs out there linking to me right now, but hardly any of them have been claimed in Technorati. Did you know that if you have a claimed blog in Technorati, and another claimed blog links to you, that it […]