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Neglected Blog Items That Will Bring You More Traffic if Fixed


Tweet Today, I spent a lot of time replying to lots of comments left on my blog over the past two weeks. I am still not done responding to everyone, but I’m working on it. When I was done with my current round of replies, I suddenly realized that this could be used as something […]

Income Blogging Requires New Strategies in This Day and Age


Tweet If you started blogging back in the late 90’s up into the early 2000’s then you are most likely a successful blogger today. Back then, it was the newest and greatest thing to do on the web. Now-a-days it takes much more effort because everyone and their mother is doing it. The problem isn’t necessarily […]

I Quit Blogging Because This Business Sucks!


Tweet Wow, what a motivation title. I didn’t really quit blogging, just in case any of my regulars had a mini heart attack. I just wanted to catch your undivided attention for awhile. I didn’t bring you here with such a startling title so I can sell you something. I did it because I have […]

My New Ebook Is FREE! Learn Everything About Blogging!


Tweet I am proud to announce that I released my new ebook “Blogging For Income – The Fast Track Plan For High Traffic & Big Profits” yesterday. I sent it out to my blogging buddies first so that they all day the chance to distribute it, then I sent it to my newsletter subscribers. Today […]

The Balance Between Comments and Articles


Tweet Coming from someone with experience, I am here to tell you that you can’t have your cake and eat it to. What I mean by this is that when you first start out, you want loads of blog traffic and comments on every single post. You may have come across blogs that have hundreds […]

Do Your Blog Relationships Extend Past the Web?


Tweet When I first started blogging, I knew that I might make a few blogging buddies here and there from all of the commenting and social networking. Creating real relationships with other bloggers is what makes you successful after all. But does there come a time when said relationship moves past the internet, and you […]

The Blog Family


Tweet We all have something in common. We each started blogging around the same time, and we started from scratch trying to build a new blog. Each of us has built up a good amount of traffic and regular commentary. Each of us have given each other information to work off of, or expand upon […]

Does Your Blog Use Subscribe to Comments?


Tweet I felt a need to write this because I tend to make my rounds of hundreds of blogs and comment on blog posts I find interesting. But I often find that I never check back to see if there was a reply because I am not notified of one. For the blogs that have […]

Shh! My Secret Marketing Strategy…


Tweet I felt like teasing some of my regulars a bit by giving them a glimpse of my marketing strategy. Go to by copying and pasting into your browser. Once you get there, click the image to resize it to the actual size. You will see the list of my top 100 traffic referrers. […]

Drive Major Traffic to Your Blog With a “First to Comment” Contest


Tweet So you all know that you can make some great traffic gains with contests. I have with a recent contest to win free advertising here on my blog (which is still open until June 27th, 2010 by the way). You can be all sorts of creative to get traffic and commentators on your blog. […]