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Have You Read My Ebooks?


Tweet I was reading some articles today, and thinking about my strategy for selling my new ebook currently in the works. This bad boy is packed full of ways to generate website traffic. What I realized was that I never actively promoted the fact that my ebooks were available here as a download when you signed […]

I Quit Blogging Because This Business Sucks!


Tweet Wow, what a motivation title. I didn’t really quit blogging, just in case any of my regulars had a mini heart attack. I just wanted to catch your undivided attention for awhile. I didn’t bring you here with such a startling title so I can sell you something. I did it because I have […]

My New Ebook Is FREE! Learn Everything About Blogging!


Tweet I am proud to announce that I released my new ebook “Blogging For Income – The Fast Track Plan For High Traffic & Big Profits” yesterday. I sent it out to my blogging buddies first so that they all day the chance to distribute it, then I sent it to my newsletter subscribers. Today […]

Make Money Blogging: Why I Chose It


Tweet My blog is dedicated to teaching others how to make money blogging, being the best at internet marketing, and all things in between. But why have I chosen a niche that is so hard to turn around into being the #1 source online? Let me explain… You all know that there are a ton […]

What I Plan to Do With My Blog Income


Tweet I have been working hard my entire life to ensure that I am self-sufficient. I never want to work for anyone else again! By blogging, I am putting my income on auto pilot. This will allow me to have much more time to spend with my wife and kids. I will be able to […]

Is There Too Much Competition in My Chosen Blog Niche?


Tweet First, let me tell you that I recently wrote a post about why overcrowding will never negatively impact blogs. I was recently asked by a potential partner on a new blogging venture if my favored industry has too much competition. As per a recent guest post of mine, I spoke about coming up with […]