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Healthy Blogging: Feeling Good Can Make You Blog Better


Tweet Are you fat like me? I know… not very nice. But I am allowed to talk about something that I can relate to. I am 5’8″ and weigh 250 pounds. This means I have a BMI (body mass index) of over 38%, You aren’t supposed to have a BMI over 25%. I am considered […]

Making the Most of Your Blogging Career


Tweet Did I say career? Yes I did. You may have gone into the world of blogging with the idea that you would be the 1 blogger that didn’t care about money. We all do that at some point in our lives when we take blogging seriously. But if you are human, you will most […]

Are You Following Inexperienced Advice?


Tweet An article I read today rehashed an issue I argued against on another blog a couple months ago. That issue being that content is not king. I instantly get into these debates because I find that the person writing about them is promoting disinformation which goes against everything I teach on this blog. What […]

If I Had to Start All Over


Tweet This seems to be a popular topic with many these days, because newbies want to know how to get on the blogging and niche fast track. People are in an extreme hurry to make money online so that they can quit their jobs and work from home. There is nothing wrong with this, because […]

Copy Others Who Have Done It Before


Tweet The same advice you may have heard before…. copy others who have done it before you. This advice has helped people like you become successful. They followed a proven formula and prevailed in the end. In this particular case, I am talking about blogging. The reason why I am bringing this up is because […]